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How To Change Your Life: Perception – The First SuperPower

It seems to me that the most pervasive belief related to changing anything is that people can’t change. It makes sense. Research shows that we humans crave certainty above all else.  Research also makes it clear that when times get stressful, or busy, we default back to our habitual behaviors. In other words, if you […]

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The Metabolic Killers: How To Restart A Stalled Metabolism

What you’ll hear: 0:15 Homeostasis 0:45 Think like a fisherman 1:10 How to approach weight loss 2:00 How to be flexible 2:30 Metabolic Compensation 3:00 What are Metabolic Killers? 3:54 Eating Frequency 4:30 Snacking vs. Meal Skipping: Which works? 6:00 Carbaphobes/ Carbaholics 7:10 not too much, not too little 7:40 Eating Window Explained 8:30 How […]

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The “O” Diet: Sex, Weight Lifting and Exercise Performance

Sex and masturbation are taboo topics in our society but when it comes to health and fitness the orgasm may be one of the best tools we have.  Here at Metabolic Effect we talk an awful lot about something we call “rest-based living.” Our followers learn that relaxation, recovery and rehabilitation activities are essential for […]

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How Many Calories To Lose Weight? The Banana Effect.

Why do we care so much about calories?  Because they matter, that’s why.  To lose weight and keep it off, you need to create a sustainable caloric deficit over the long run. The key phrase in that sentence is “the long run.” A short term calorie deficit will not cut it for sustained weight loss. […]

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Metabolic Weight Loss: The 5 Laws Of Metabolism

Simplistic models can be useful, but they have a serious downside. They can provide a general overview; yet often, important details such as exceptions to the rule and nuance are left out. The “eat less, exercise more” model suffers greatly from this problem.  As a general concept it is true for someone who sits on […]

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15 Hormonal Influencers of Fat Loss

1.  Insulin – The Fat Storer In the hierarchy of hormonal influencers for fat loss, insulin still reigns as King according to current evidence.  This hormone, relative to the others, is most strongly influenced by carbohydrate intake and over consumption of food, both of which cause a detrimental increase in blood sugar.  Over consuming  any […]

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