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Finding Your Right Eating Frequency

Eating frequency is always a hot topic in health and fitness.  I have written on this subject a few other times.  You may want to check these blogs out HERE and HERE. The important thing to remember about your metabolism is it is unique. As a result of that, you will have unique reactions to […]

"A bright blue yo-yo is balanced, on end, on a scale showing that the juggling act of yo-yo dieting is not a good way to lose weight and never works in the long run."

The Reverse Yo-Yo: How To Reset Your Set Point

I am coming off of a month of travel where I essentially took the entire month off from any training.  Prior to this trip, I had not been training much either.  I would skip entire weeks of exercise and then do a few workouts the next week.  I probably averaged one workout a week over […]

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Allergies: What You Should Know.

Twice a year, the spring and fall, I get an influx of clients coming to my clinic for relief of their allergies.  Seasonal allergies, also know as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, can be miserable, especially here in the Southeastern US.  It is interesting, that people who have been here most of their life tend […]


Fat Burning Foods? What The HEC?

Calories don’t control metabolism — hormones do. Calories don’t determine what type of weight you will lose and where you may lose it from — hormones do. Calories have little influence over hunger, cravings, energy and mood — but hormones do. Using the phrase “count your hormones” was a way to grab your attention, and […]

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Hormones & Weight Loss

Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. You can be burning calories and losing weight, but those calories and that weight may or may not be fat. In fact, the one-size-fits-all weight loss model of “eat less and exercise more” can result in muscle being lost as readily as fat. The greatest […]


Getting Back to Fitness, Overtraining & How much exercise it too much?

Let’s talk about the idea of overtraining and eating as it pertains to engaging or reengaging with fitness and nutrition in order to lose weight. Typical scenarios are individuals who were very fit and exercising regularly in the past, but maybe suffered an injury, had a child or simply fell out of the habit.  Other […]


Wisdom: The Third Super-Power

The third power is Wisdom. The first two powers, Perception & Ownership, I covered in previous blogs HERE, HERE and HERE. Let’s define Wisdom.  There is information. This you gather from your senses and various sources (blogs, books, school, etc). But information is just another form of noise and distraction if it is not learned. […]

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Ownership: The Second Super-Power (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a two part series.  To read Part 1 CLICK HERE The “Will To Meaning” What do you stand for? Can your friends trust you? Can you trust yourself?  Do you know what you want your life to mean?  What legacy do you want to leave behind? The great psychologist and holocaust […]

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Ownership: The Second Super-Power (Part 1)

Ownership: The Second Power This blog is the second part of my five-part series on the 5 powers (lets see if I can actually get all of them done 😉 ).  I am currently finishing up my book on the 5 powers that I hope will be available for purchase early next year (2016). To […]


The Devastating Effects of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) – Part I

Introduction Hypertension (HTN) is a medical term used to describe high blood pressure (BP), and BP is technically a measurement of the force of blood against your arterial walls from the contraction (Systolic, the top number) and relaxation (Diastolic, the bottom number) of your heart. A blood pressure of 120/80 mmHg is read as 120 […]


Vitamin K (The Reinforcer)

What is vitamin K? Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin that is best known for its role in blood coagulation.  The biological forms of this vitamin include K1 (aka phylloquinone) and Vit K2 (aka the menaquinones). Menaquinones are a family of molecules designated with the abbreviation MK-n where M stand for Menaquinone and K  […]


How To Stop Cravings For Sweet, Chocolate & Salt

In the last two blogs (HERE and HERE) I gave you a ton of info on cravings. Cravings are impacted by way more than food.  For example, if you go for a long run you may feel great for a few hours after, but that run may be the cause of your inexplicable pasta binge […]


Cravings? This Will Help

So you are 10 days into your diet.  You made it through the first weekend with flying colors and you even lost 5 pounds and several inches. You are kicking ass. But Wednesday morning you wake up feeling tired.  For some reason you were tossing and turning last night. You had a near miss with […]