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Introducing The Stress Diet

A Complete Online System To Rebooting The Metabolism, Healing Your Thyroid And Repairing Your Adrenals.

What if the exact things you have been doing to fix your slow metabolism and lose weight were the exact wrong things?

What if they were not only unhelpful, but actually worsening the problem?

Dr. Jade Teta

My name is Dr. Jade Teta and what i’m about to share with you comes directly from my 25 year experience as a personal trainer and integrative physician. It also comes from my own personal experience with a thyroid condition that completely wrecked my metabolism.

I have spent the last 10 years researching how stress destroys the metabolism and leads to stubborn fat gain.

The result of my research and clinical experience resulted in a system of metabolic repair I have now proven on thousands of patients all over the world.

It is a program that get’s at the core of the issue blocking the detrimental impact of stress and healing the two major organs responsible for energy regulation, the thyroid and adrenal glands.

The solution I came up with is likely going to shock you. That’s because it goes against everything you have probably ever learned about the proper way to lose weight.

Doing Everything Right & Not Losing Weight?

Ever said this, “I am doing everything right and still can’t lose a pound?”

Or “I don’t know what happened. I was in such great shape and all of a sudden something happened and I gained all the weight back and now can’t lose it no matter what I do?”

Or “My energy and motivation to eat right and exercise is non-existent. If I could just get my energy back and feel better it would make all the difference in the world!”

I know how you feel because I have been there. While I was a full time medical student I also worked weekends as a bartender and personal trainer.

Starting Friday night I would work until four o’clock in the morning. I would then sleep two hours and then work a twelve-hour personal training shift all day Saturday before going back to the bar for another 4am bedtime.

I would rest up as best I could and then go through a strenuous week of full-time classes before repeating that ferocious weekend schedule.

Have you ever had to get up after only an hour or two of sleep or had stayed up all night studying several nights in a row? Well, I can tell you it is painful to the bones.

Damaged Metabolism

After living this schedule for nine months, and suffering the debilitating fatigue and unrelenting hunger and cravings that ensued, I went from a lean 215 pounds to close to 250 pounds! And most of this weight came on in a 3 month period!!

I also diagnosed myself with hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue and a severe vitamin D deficiency.

For a time after that, I got my shit together and started taking care of myself. I dropped my Friday night bartending shift and did what I needed to do to get healthy and lean again.

Fast forward several years later and I was back to late nights, crazy hours and a hectic schedule trying to run a clinic, write a book and build an online business. Before I knew it I ballooned back up to 250 pounds and was feeling worse than ever.

I am not sure why I did not learn my lesson the first time, but this time, I just kept on working harder. I had been learning and researching all about the paleo diet and hardcore metabolic conditioning and my business was becoming famous for these workouts.

Thinking I could out exercise, and out eat the problem, I started dieting harder than ever and working out even more. Guess what happened?

NOTHING!! In fact, worse than nothing. I was feeling worse and if I let up on my hectic regime even a little bit I gained fat.

The Banana Effect

I was doing everything right and I could not really make a dent in my weight. One of the things that was most problematic is that the approach I was taking eventually always led to a binge of some sort.

As an example, I would stay away from bananas because they “had too many carbs” but then as a result I would end up gorging on a cheesecake binge a couple days later!!

After seeing this phenomena play out in patient after patient, I gave it a name. I have come to call this phenomenon “the banana effect!”

I would later find out there was a reason I could not stay disciplined.

But I kept “eating clean” and following low carb, ketogenic and paleo diets. I worked out like crazy despite having little motivation and feeling like crap.

I went on thyroid medications and took a ton of supplements and herbs. None of it worked. I could not lose the weight and the fatigue and brain fog were becoming unrelenting.

Have you ever felt so tired that it actually hurts? Or slept an entire night and felt like you were half conscious the entire time?

It is miserable right? Well, that was me.

The Solution Was Staring Me In The Face

What is even more amazing is that a few years prior I had a patient who was dealing with the same issue. She had three young children, worked full time and was dealing with thyroid issues. She could not lose weight despite exercising and eating perfectly.

She basically was the female version of me except for one major difference.

Unlike me, she never suffered from the banana effect. She was exhausted, frustrated, and angry but stayed incredibly disciplined.

It was not until she went on vacation, stopped exercising, and let up on her diet that she lost weight.

This confused the hell out of me, and her, but I quickly realized it was stress that was the culprit. I devised a plan that addressed the stress head on. I had her work out less, and eat more not less carbs.

Shockingly this allowed her to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. It was amazing!! After months and years of nothing, this counterintuitive approach was the solution.

But for some reason I had a mental block to using this approach on myself. I thought it did not apply to me. I thought, “I am not stressed. If I ease up on my exercise and don’t watch my diet it is going to be even worse.”

We humans are funny creatures aren’t we? We have this incredible ability to be objective and logical when it comes to others, but when we are dealing with ourselves we can often become delusional and irrational.

Even though I had worked with her, and many others, in devising smarter ways to exercise and destress, I convinced myself the solution did not apply to me.

Finally, I relented and instituted the plan. And like my other clients dealing with the same issue, my fatigue lifted. I was able to reduce, and then get off my thyroid meds. And I lost weight!

Check out my before and after pictures right here.


So how do you start implementing this for yourself?

Well, I have the solution for you. The exact program I have used for myself and countless others.

But for I share it with you, let me tell you why it is so powerful and how I created it.

An Individualized Approach

I have twenty five years in the personal training industry, a degree in biochemistry and I earned a doctorate in natural medicine. All of this education helped me to understand what most people miss.

Imagine working with real people like me or you, who are struggling with unrelenting fatigue, sleep issues, weight gain and mood issues.

Imagine you are tasked with helping them. And imagine you understand all the mental hurdles associated with the necessary changes they must make. Then, through trial and error, you realize that is only a small piece of the puzzle.

It is not just a matter of discovering what works and what doesn’t, it is a matter of being able to put things together in a way that is simple, easy to apply in real life and still allows for people to honor their own personal preferences.

Once I started to understand that people were their own worst enemies and were unknowingly blocking their own success, I knew I had to come up with something more simple and doable.

You can’t just tell people stop doing this, don’t eat that, avoid this thing and never ever do that thing. All this does is confuse and stress people out further.

It does not work and usually leads to the banana effect or worse.

At the same time, things do have to change. You do need to do things differently.

After solving this issue for myself and working with thousands of others both in person and online, I came up with a solution that was simple, understandable and doable.

The Stress Diet

The approach involves strategically reengineering your eating in a way that allows one meal a day for the foods you like, while allowing the other meals to be more controlled and convenient.

It also clearly outlines which foods you should eat and at what specific times you should eat them. This approach works with the natural stress hormone rhythms of the body.

This approach suppresses stress hormones at night, so you can sleep, and at the same time elevates them during the day when you need energy for work and motivation for exercise. This is what a healthy metabolism does naturally.

The exercise approach is similar.

There are special activities that can duplicate the relaxing powers of sleep while simultaneously producing the energizing qualities of exercise.

This approach moves away from one-size-fits-all exercise regimes, and helps you learn which activities you should do and for how long or how intensely you should do them.

Of course, you also need to know how to evaluate your progress and learn what labs to ask your doctor to run and how to interpret what they mean.

All of that, plus which supplements and herbs work for which kinds of people. For example, some people who complain of fatigue are what I call “wired but tired.” This means their mind is going a mile minute but their body is exhausted.

Others are overworked and overwhelmed and their fatigue is really situationally based. Still others are more “foggy and fatigued.” In other words, both their mind and body are crushed.

Each requires a slightly different approach, and I only realized this from working with thousands of real patients in the real world.

Unfortunately, what you think you should do, and what you have been told to do, are almost always wrong.

Big Mistake #1

Think about it.

If you are stuck with your weight loss what are you told to do? You are usually prodded to eat less calories or carbohydrates, right?

Screenshot 2015-02-28 10.39.56Did you know this approach actually lowers thyroid function? Did you know it can actually increase the demand on your adrenals and worsen cravings and hunger?

This approach works in the short-run, but it has devastating metabolic consequences over the long term.

Your body knows this approach is not wise. This is the reason it fights back against you causing increased hunger, unpredictable energy and insatiable cravings.

remember the banana effect? This is a major cause of it.

Even if you are disciplined and have an iron willpower, the metabolism will slow down decreasing the amount of calories you burn each day by 20-50%.

That is a recipe for yo-yo weight regain. You may be shocked to learn research has shown this happens in over 66% of dieters.

Big Mistake #2

Another common assumption is that you should exercise for longer, or go harder or workout more often. Again, this works against the body.

[quote]Exercise is like Goldilocks. You should do not too much, not too little but just right.[/quote]

Too little exercise and you get no results, but too much and you stress out the body and disrupt the metabolism.

This sets you up for weight regain and more stubborn fat in the long run.

Screenshot 2015-02-28 10.40.36It is like putting your results on a metabolic credit card. You may achieve some short-term results, but you end up with steep penalties later suffering from yo-yo weight regain and metabolic damage.

If your thinking, “But Jade, I actually don’t over exercise. I don’t think I exercise enough.”

Well, that can certainly be a reality for many people, but in that case it is about exercising smarter not harder.

And smarter means doing just enough to get the result, without stressing out the system. That just leads to rebound weight gain later.

Here is an interesting understanding weight loss research tells us, but your favorite weight loss guru never mentions.

The amount of exercise you do to lose weight, is the amount you will need to continue to do, plus some, to keep the weight off.

So if you are not currently exercising, the last thing you want to do is fall into the “do more, work harder” mindset.

Especially if you have a sluggish metabolism to begin with. And if you have been a couch potato for any length of time.

Big Mistake #3

Or what about the idea of doing a “cleanse” or a “detox.” Again, this is the exact wrong approach.

If your tire blew out on your car would you try to fix it by changing your oil? Of course not!!

The issue with your metabolism is not a problem of “environmental toxins,” it is a problem of stress.

“Stress toxicity” is the real culprit and that is not something you solve with some magic brightly colored elixir with a fancy name.

You’re being scammed!

One of the biggest scams I see in the weight loss world is the gurus and experts who have a one-size-fits-all solution to the problem.

They tell you, “just eat this way and it will be fine.” Or “just do this exercise and it will be fine.” Or “take this shake and these supplements and this “isaology cleanse” and you will never have an issue.”

Nothing could be more misleading!

What’s actually required is a smart, doable approach that involves diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that are adjusted to your metabolism, your psychology and your personal preferences.

You may have noticed that the acronym of my company Metabolic Effect is ME.

That is because we are experts in helping people understand and honor their own unique metabolism, psychology and personal preferences. We specialize in getting individuals results in a way that works with their individuality.

Our programs are built so you can learn how to fit them to you, rather than trying to fit yourself to a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf protocol.

The Stress Diet Program is a complete online program that helps you pinpoint the hidden, and sometimes counterintuitive, sources of stress that are damaging your metabolism and killing your thyroid and adrenal function.

The program was built from my own personal experience dealing with these exact issues. I know the issue inside and out, because, like you, I have lived them myself.

Not only that, I have helped thousands of people with the same struggles get back to function with this exact system.

You have a choice

So now you have a choice.

You can do nothing, which obviously will get you nowhere.

You could also opt to take this new information and try to go at it alone. But that is what you have already been doing haven’t you? Are you any better off? Are you any closer to figuring it out?

Your third choice is to begin working with ME and this program. This choice allows you to be guided step-by-step through the diet, exercise and lifestyle factors holding you back.

You wont be going at it alone anymore because now you will not only have my personal experience to guide you, but the Metabolic Effect coaches their as well.

When you enroll in this program our coaches are available every day to answer your questions and help you trouble shoot. Yes, they will be there for you every single day. You will never be waiting for guidance or help.

You will also be able to work side-by-side hundreds of other members who are traveling the same journey. This program has a private coaching community. Here you will teach, learn from and be inspired by others just like you.

What is in the program?

Module 1 – The Stress Diet Plan:

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • How to know where to start & make it easy
  • Learn a simple diet system that easily decreases while simultaneously keeping you full and satisfied
  • Dissolve stress toxicity and food reactivity while still eating carbs and food you love
  • How to get the fat burning effects of exercise by doing 4X less
  • The exact diet and exercise protocol to follow
  • 15 proven R&R recovery methods that eliminate stress and heal the metabolism


Module 2. Becoming A Diet Detective:

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • How to construct easy meals that fit your life
  • Understanding protein shakes and meal replacements and how to use them to eliminate hunger and cravings
  • Constructing your rest and recovery program to eliminate stress for good
  • Tweaking your carbohydrate intake to reduce stress and sleep like a baby
  • How to balance your metabolism and keep it balanced for life

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

Module 3. Fixing The Thyroid

  • In-depth science of thyroid function and how to heal it and keep it healthy
  • The 6 most important thyroid tests to have your doctor run and how to assess them
  • Cortisol, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone and their impact on thyroid
  • Understanding why your thyroid drugs are not working and how to solve the issue
  • If you’re not on thyroid meds, understand which are the best to take
  • Herbs, supplements and other treatments. Which work and which don’t.


Module 4. Rebooting The Adrenal Stress System:

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • How the adrenals glands work and how they can get stuck on or off
  • Understanding how to adjust adrenal function to stress less and sleep better
  • Assessing adrenal function and turning the system back on to burn fat
  • The 5 most important compounds to take for adrenal support


Module 5. Repairing Ovary and Testicular dysfunction:

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • Why libido falls during stress and how to turn it back on
  • Understanding the female menstrual cycle and stress
  • Optimizing estrogen and progesterone in women & testosterone in men
  • How stress turns on belly fat storage and how to turn it off
  • Healing PCOS and other stress related issues of the female reproductive system
  • Hormone testing and normal values.


Module 6. Workouts:

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • The twice a week workout that decreases stress and ramps up fat loss.
  • The Metabolic Effect workout that combines weights & cardio
  • Download and take to the gym or stream online
  • No gym required doable for all fitness levels and physical abilities


Module 7. Program resources:

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • Where to buy supplements
  • How to order labs
  • Working with the ME coaches
  • Community support



Does it work?

I told you about my story. Check out my before and after pictures after instituting the program myself. I was also able to get off my thyroid medications and feel better than I had in years. No more fatigue, no more insomnia and no more brain fog.

Here is some recent feedback from people just like you who saw this process work after implementing it into their lives.


[quote]Jade. Not sure if you remember me, but we worked together two years ago. I was 170 lbs., fiercely dieting, and suffered terribly from insomnia. I am now 128lbs., have a daily yoga practice and I sleep like a baby. I’m a 56 year old post menopausal woman and have been hypothyroid my whole life…and have you to thank…and my discipline of course. The program you set me up on was the road to success, after everything else had failed. I lost over 25 pounds in the first 5 months. All in all, I’ve lost around 40 lbs. I can’t thank you enough and if you want me to share my story I am happy to do so. Please just don’t use my name 🙂[/quote]



[quote]One thing I have learnt over the last twelve months since having my first child is that the less is more approach really works! I’ve dropped 9kgs, feel more energized and instead of long gym sessions I now do half hour ones”[/quote]



[quote]This is absolutely true and I am living proof! I have been a yo-yo dieter my whole life and have done just about every diet out there. When done consistently…it worked…for a moment. Then I would be stressed and binge and put the weight back on (and then some), beat myself up then start another diet. Then with endometriosis, came surgery and a treatment that helped with the Endo but screwed my body and metabolism up, put me into Hypothyroidism and sent my weight up 50 pounds more than my previous “fattest weight”.

Through educating myself (a lot of information has come from you guys) and getting my hormones balanced, I am now enjoying my life for the first time and yet…getting results! No more dieting or all or nothing thinking for me.

It is definitely hard to accept this concept, at first. It goes against everything I was told over the years. But it works! And thanks to you at M.E. I have a real confirmation of the fact that how I am living now, not only works, but makes PERFECT sense!

Keep doing what you guys are doing! Thanks.”[/quote]



[quote]Last summer, I began doing an exercise program that focused on 45 min workouts plus 30 mins of stretching, 4 days per week. I thought to myself I would just add in other workouts so I would still get in my 6 days of working out. But I was busy with getting our cottage set up and actually enjoying the beach so ended up taking weekends off, unheard of for me. At first I was terrified that I would gain weight but began to realize that this was not happening. I was feeling leaner, more relaxed and stopped fretting about working out less. Instead of running at my cottage, I began taking walks with family members. Instead of crazy hard workouts, I began doing ones that left me feeling satisfied but not depleted. It worked! I felt better in my clothes and in my bikini than I had in years!”[/quote]


Get The Stress Diet Now

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To Your Health

How long have you been stuck with your weight loss? Or been fatigued and tired without any answers as to why?

I imagine if you are reading this it has been awhile. If you are like many of my patients you have seen doctors, and alternative practitioners as well as read and tried every new fad diet that has come along.

And if you are like most of my patients these things have failed you. But even worse, they have wasted your time because they did not teach you the underlying problem and help you understand how you are being uniquely impacted by it.

One-size-fits-all DOES NOT WORK!! It never has worked. That is why these programs and approaches are so futile.

It is also the reason why just taking some drugs or some supplements does not solve the issue.

I certainly understand the frustration. I also understand that these off-the-shelf solutions are attractive to our psyche.

But how long have you been trying these things without success?

You can either continue to try to go at it alone, or you can let a tried and true system guide you.

As you have learned, I designed this system after working with thousands of people just like you. And I built the program specifically to teach you how to individualize the approach.

You can keep doing the same things you have been doing or you can learn a new and better way. The choice is yours. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I hope you will take the time to invest in your health and take this unique opportunity to finally feel and look better than you have in years.

Get The Stress Diet Now
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In fitness and health,
Dr. Jade Teta.