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The Best Fat-Burning Supplement Part 2

Jade Teta ND, CSCS

Fat-Burner Complex is the newest high-tech fat-burning supplement from Metabolic Effect. However, before I write anymore I would like to make something very clear regarding “fat-burning’ supplements. THEY DO NOT WORK ALONE!!!!! Now, you may find that strange when we are selling one. Here is the issue. Metabolic Effect is a fat loss and lifestyle company. We are all about educating people about the difference between weight loss and fat loss and how to achieve real and lasting body change. All of us in the organization have been around the block in the fitness business and have tried just about every diet, exercise regime, and yes fat burning supplement known to man. What we have discovered is that no product can take the place of proper nutrition (70% or more of the equation)and Proper exercise (29% of the equation). That 1% that is left, that is where supplementation comes in.

So, do fat-burning supplements work at all? Yes, but not if you are not eating right and exercising correctly. In my opinion if you are not willing to do these two things, than please do not buy this product or any other fat-loss aid. While you may see some results they probably wont be much and will likely not last. However, if you are serious about exercise and diet, that 1% can add up. How much? Well, in my experience the right supplementation can give you about a 2 pound fat loss advantage over a 8 to 10 week period at best. Remember, this is fat loss. 2 pounds of fat loss is not insignificant and lasts a hell of a lot longer than 2 pounds of weight loss. In our fat burning supplement blog post (part 1 of this post) I gave you the basics on the key ingrediet in Fat-Burner Complex, now in part 2 I will tell you all the other things we put in this and why.

Fat-Burner Complex

As the name suggests, this supplement is formulated to help move you from a sugar burner to a fat burner. Our Fat-burner Complex is designed to promote optimal body composition by favorably impacting the metabolic messenger hormones insulin, leptin and cortisol. These are three hormones that when out of balance will increase fat storage, increase hunger, and increase belly fat respectively. The Ingredients of our product were chosen based on the latest science of losing body fat, increasing muscle mass and increasing the amount of fat calories burned at rest. To accomlish this, we focused on nutrients and herbs shown in research to control appetite, reduce the stress response, and favorably impact mood and energy. We all know that much of our ability to burn fat or not has to do with brain chemistry.

What’s in it?

Fat-Burner Complex contains non-stimulating American ginseng. An herb known to address the stress response and control cortisol balance. The herbs Banaba and Camellia sinensis
(green tea) are included for their proven ability to balance blood sugar and therefore lower insulin. Chromium, vanadium, zinc and magnesium work sysnergisticllly with these herbs to further impact insulin and keep blood sugar stable. As for the metabolic kick, ForsLeanâ„¢ (Coleus forskohli), Garcinia cambogia (Hydroxycitric acid), and the polyphenol EGCG from green tea have all been shown to promote the loss of body fat through the stimulation of key biochemical enzymes that regulate fuel consumption. These key, standardized herbs are present in this product and are combined with activated B vitamins, magnesium and carnitine to insure optimal mitochondrial activity. Mitochondria (pronounced MY-TOE-CON-DREE-AH), are the essential element in each cell that burns fat. You can think of them like little energy generators that power the rest of the body. When they are given the right nutrients their ability to burn fat is enhanced. When they are missing these nutrients, they are far more likely to burn sugar instead.

In addition to the compounds mentioned above to stimulate metabolism at the cellular level, N-acetyl-tyrosine supports thyroid function and proper catecholamine balance while the addition of the brain hormone GABA, provides an extra element of craving control. Together these compounds help address the body more holistically and make sure the right hormonal signals and brain chemistry are aligned. This product works from the top down as well as the bottom up to make sure all the bases of fat-burning are covered.

How to Take it?

The Fat-Burner Complex should be taken while undergoing a fat-loss diet and meaningful exercise program. 2 capsules taken twice a day is the dose that gives optimal results. This product is non-stimulating and does not have the same issues as other fat-burner products that have gained publicity over the years. In other words, this product does not elevate heart rate, raise blood pressure, or make you feel like your head is going to pop. These stimulating qualities are not necessary, can be hazardous to your health, and often lead to metabolic damage in the long run. We are excited to offer a safe useful fat-loss aid to go along with the ME diet program. Let us know if you have any questions and remeber to always check with your physician before starting any new supplement program. Our new product can be bought at the link below.