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Can’t Sleep? Snoring, Apnea & Restless Legs

In this blog I want to cover a few things that are in our new sleep program as a way to give you an idea of its unique education, and give you a chance to see if you it is something you could benefit from.

So let’s talk about super-sleepers, snoring and restless leg syndrome (RLS).


There are a subset of individuals who go to sleep fast, sleep soundly, almost always have vivid dreams and wake feeling refreshed.  Sleep researchers call them “super-sleepers.”

To be fair, there is some indication that there may be a genetic component associated with these super-sleepers, but there are also some very clear behaviors that allow people to achieve this super sleep.

These individuals tend to adhere to one or more of the following behaviors:

  • They wake at the same time each morning, whether it be weekends or weekdays.
  • They go to sleep within the same few hours each night (although there is no clear perfect time they go to sleep)
  • They avoid alcohol in the evening.
  • They consume little caffeine after noon.
  • They turn off the lights at night (i.e. they tend not to watch TV in bed, or surf the web and are more likely to use dimmers and candles)
  • They usually have some sort of consistent sleep ritual that they engage in each night. It is usually a relaxing routine or practice (i.e. a hot bath, relaxing music, herbal tea, sex, etc)

When I first started to research sleeping, I thought that all of the things above were “common sense”; and for many they are.  What I have discovered is that sleep, and the behaviors around sleep, is a lot like dieting.

Similar to dieting, people have a vague sense of what to do, but not with enough certainty to actually do it.  And even when they are clear on these behaviors, other things seem to derail their efforts.

Another quality that most super-sleepers also possess is the ability to reliably and quickly induce a relaxation response. Most people have no idea how to do this, especially when they start stressing about the bills, their kids, grades, the health of their marriage or the deadline they have at work.

Do you know what researchers have discovered is one of the major causes of not being able to sleep? It’s the worry associated with wondering if you will be able to go to sleep. Crazy, right?

Super-sleepers have the ability to quickly release worry and relax the body.  It is a skill they have either consciously mastered or just do naturally. This is something you will learn in this program. It is very teachable.

Ok, now that we all desire to be super-sleepers, let’s talk about a couple common sleep disruptors: snoring and apnea. 

Snoring & Apnea

Do the following: close your mouth and gently clinch your teeth. Now try to make a snoring sound.  Can you do it? 

Now do this:  keep your left nostril closed while taking a breath through your right nostril? Now, close your left nostril and take a breath through your right nostril.  Finally, leave both nostrils open and take a deep breath. Do you feel any restriction in one or the other nostril?

Now try this. Release your teeth, purse your lips tightly like you are going to give me a kiss (xox) and try to make that snoring sound again. Can you do it this time? 

One last thing. Gently grasp your tongue with your front teeth. Keep your mouth shut and your tongue held in your teeth, try to make that snoring sound again. Were you successful?

There are many different types of snorers. These four “tests” tell you which, if any, you are.  You can be one, two, all or none. 

The first test tells you if you might be a nose snorer.  The second and third tell you if your throat is involved.  The last test rules out the tongue. Knowing which kind of snorer you are will help you solve snoring issues. 

Many snoring fixes work, but only if you know the problem.

For example those with throat issues will be helped with weight loss, sleeping on their side or stomach, mouth guards, elimination of dietary allergens and certain supplements like bromelain.  

Believe it or not, research has shown a series of mouth and throat exercise can dramatically help throat and tongue snorers. You will learn these in this course.

For those with nose issues, environmental and food related allergies are the biggest culprits.  Saline douches for the sinuses, xylitol nose rinses, and adhesive nose strips can all work for these types. Also, new pillows and linens as well as air purifiers work wonders.

Why is this important?  Because snoring and apnea are one of the major causes of poor quality sleep and day time fatigue, this sleep program may be the best snoring program on the market. If you snore, this program will help tremendously in ending the snoring and getting you better sleep!

Restless legs

If you have this issue than you know it can be horrible.  What you may not know is that there are some pretty simple things you can do for it that you likely have never heard of before.

Blond-woman-sleeping-on-a-couch-000008893777_MediumFirst the things you should not do.  Alcohol aggravates RLS big time.  Stay away from it.  Also, if you have iron deficiency you can dramatically benefit from supplementing with iron. Iron deficiency is arguably the number one cause of RLS.

Also, crazy enough the following things can stop RLS almost immediately:

  • a shot of vinegar
  • mustard or pickle juice (all of these work for cramps too). 
  • An orgasm will strip away RLS for many.
  • one minute of a highly fatiguing leg exercise (squat jumps anyone?)

As far as the long-term fix? Minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron are prime culprits, as are stimulants like sugar and caffeine.

In other words, there is lots that can be done to help manage this problem.

Final Thoughts

I hope this blog was useful to you.  Whenever we do a promotion for a new program I like to give everyone, even those who have no intention to purchase, the opportunity to learn something.

Many have told me I am crazy for doing this, but I actually believe this serves us both.  Sure, I just gave you lots of the information you need to get results;and when it works, I bet you are excited about telling someone else about Metabolic Effect and this program even if you yourself do not purchase it.

I believe in win-win situations and I love this way of doing business.  It does not feel too salesy to me, and it keeps me within my integrity.

So, no hard sell here. If you are having issues with sleep, then this program is going to help you.  If there is an issue with snoring, RLS, wanting to learn how to deal with jet lag, or even just learning the best supplements for sleep. You will get all that and more in this program.

I am going to do one final blog on the program to give you more specifics. In that blog I will also talk a little bit about one of the major hidden issues with sleep..allergies 😉

Talk soon. Jade