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Metabolic Effect’s Personal Training Seminar & Certification (in-person) provides a unique approach to training clients one-on-one or in small, semi-private sessions of 4 people or less. This one-day seminar teaches the trainer how to deliver an effective fat-burning workout using ME’s signature Rest-based Training (RBT) technology. Included in this certification are a variety of tools and techniques that the trainer can use to elicit the fat burning effect with their clients. In this seminar and certification, you will learn:

  • The unique science of hormonal fat loss characteristic of all ME workouts
  • How to deliver the 30-minute short-duration, Rest-based Training (RBT) workout exclusively designed for fat loss
  • Unique drills and protocols to use with clients to elicit a superior fat burning response
  • ME’s signature movements, including hybrids, chains and compounds
  • How to personal train clients using new and novel cardiovascular techniques
  • How to safely motivate and generate intensity using unique ME motivational training principles
  • How to understand your client’s personality and use it to adjust your coaching for best results

Upon purchase and successful completion, you will receive:

  • ME Personal Trainer Certificate
  • License to call yourself a Metabolic Effect-Certified Personal Trainer (ME-CPT)
  • Licensing to use the tools and techniques freely with clients (one-on-one or small groups, 4 or less)
  • Free ME marketing materials to market your business
  • Your own ME Location and Bio page on the ME website used to update your personal trainer information and location so that potential participants can locate your services

Although there are no prerequisites for this seminar and certification, this seminar is considered an advanced training course, and does NOT spend time going through basic anatomy and physiology. We assume you already have a general understanding of this, as well as basic exercises. We strongly recommend participants have an exercise background at the very least, and more likely a prior nationally-recognized certification. The certification is a specialty certification that addresses fat loss exclusively for clients of all abilities. CPR certification is required. Upon attendance of the one-day seminar, you will be given access to the written exam and directions on how to submit your practical exam for certification. You have 90 days after the date of the course to complete the certification process.

The prerequisites for this class should be viewed under My Courses prior to attending the training.

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