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Metabolic Prime is the best-selling sequel to Metabolic Aftershock. Building on the most efficient exercise system in existence Metabolic Prime brings bands and weights to the mix to amplify the metabolic effect and deliver even greater fat loss effects.

A 12-week fat loss and conditioning system. That includes 16 guided video workouts completed over four distinct conditioning phases lasting three weeks each. The program comes complete with in-depth diet and lifestyle manual as well as training on the Metabolic Detective concept Metabolic Effect is known for.

This program is perfect for intermediate to advanced exercisers who need a simple at home solution to burn fat and get in shape. The only equipment needed is your body, bands or a pair of dumbells.

**NOTE** This workout is owned, marketed and sold by Dr. Jade’s online publisher Natural Health Sherpa. This company is a separate entity from Metabolic Effect. You will be taken to the publisher page which has a different marketing approach to Metabolic Effect. Please be prepared for that.


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