Metabolic Magnesium


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Magnesium is perhaps the most important metabolic nutrient in existence. It is used in over 300 biochemical reactions, many of which have to do with energy production. It is one of the first nutrients that becomes conditionally essential during chronic high stress. Low magnesium has been associated with impaired insulin metabolism and low testosterone levels – two things you don’t want if you are trying to achieve a lean, fit physique.

One of the challenges with supplemental magnesium is that it is not absorbed well. Metabolic Magnesium solves this issue by attaching magnesium to a small glycine molecule, making it more readily absorbed by the body than any other form of magnesium. Supplemental magnesium is a key consideration for those with insulin resistance, metabolic damage, elite athletes and those under high stress. At the Metabolic Effect Clinic, it is also one of our most reliable sleep aids and heart healthy nutrients.

Dose 300mg 1-2 times daily

The statements above are for educational purposes only and have not been approved by the food and drug administration, please check with your physician before undertaking any new supplement regimen, including magnesium.


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