Metabolic Bone Complex


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Metabolic Bone Complex (MBC) is by far one the best bone support supplements on the market. Every single nutrient in MBC works together to insure you reach your bone building potential. Most physicians will recommend only vitamin D and calcium for poor health, not realizing the bone responds optimally to a optimize mix of the following nutrients.

Vitamin C is needed to support the bone matrix, especially collagen synthesis. Cholecalciferol, the most favorable supplemental form of vitamin D helps to increase bone mineral density and decrease fracture risk. Vitamin K along with D directs calcium to bone instead of other tissues. Vitamin K stimulates your bone building cells, the osteoblasts. MBC has both vitamin K1 and K2 for optimal bone genesis. Calcium is the primary mineral in bone. Due to MBC using highly absorbable forms of calcium, most people do not need to take the higher conventional recommended doses. Magnesium, also is in a highly bioavailable form, is just as important as calcium in relation to bone health. In fact some researchers think it is more important that calcium for bone health. Magnesium also helps to increase bone mineral density and decrease fracture risk. MBC also contains optimal amounts of secondary bone building minerals (Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, and Boron) in superior bioavailable forms. Without these secondary minerals, optimization of bone health will be less than ideal.

Another key component MBC is the addition of Milk Basic Protein (MBP), which is a natural protein found in human and bovine milk. MBP assists the bone building cells by optimizing calcium utilization and bone remodeling, thus helping to reinforce bone density and strength.

MBP is derived from the whey portion of milk protein and should therefore be well-tolerated by anyone with lactose or casein intolerance. Those with whey allergies/sensitivities may want to consider another bone support product without MBP.