12-Week Feed the Lean Contest

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$147.00 / month for 3 months

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12-Week Feed the Lean Contest

$147.00 / month for 3 months

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If you are serious about making a complete body transformation then the Feed The Lean Program & Contest is for you!

As a participant in Metabolic Effect’s Feed The Lean, you will be working directly with Dr. Jade Teta in an intimate setting to learn not only the in’s and out’s of fat loss but how to transform your body to a new you. You will also be given defined and structured exercise, diet and lifestyle protocols to follow to make the process easy to assimilate.

The program follows what we call “structured flexibility” to adjust to your lifestyle. You will be given a defined structure of meal plan’s, recipes, workouts and more. You will then be coached on how to alter, tweak and adjust this structure to suit your metabolic needs, psychological sensitivities and personal preferences. This program is for both men and women who want to achieve lasting body change and who are not looking for a “quick fix yo-yo diet”.

You will also get 12 in-depth live Q&A sessions with Jade (1 per week). In these sessions you will have direct access to Jade and we will address all your questions over the previous week. These coaching calls are where the magic of this program happens.

These sessions set the stage for the program parameters and

expectations you should have for this program and yourself.

This program is for participants who want a complete immersion into the latest science and clinical resources in metabolism. This program is designed to not only change your body but also change your mindset to get you in the best shape of your life!

This program is run as contest. This is done to force you to being doing one of the most critical behaviors of successful body change, learn to properly assess and track progress. As such you are required to submit before, during and after pictures, 4 total. That’s 1 set the week we begin, 1 at the end of the first month, another at the end of the second month, and a final set at the end of the contest.

You will also be required to weigh-in and send measurements weekly. The purpose of these pictures and measurements is to not only track your progress but also keep you accountable. If you choose not to submit pictures you will not be eligible for the $500 cash prize, so full participation is highly encouraged.

Here’s what else you will receive

  • 12 live sessions from Jade, where your questions will be answered. (replays made available after the call)
  • 12 Weeks of exercise schedules. All you have to do is follow these.
  • 12 Weeks of menus including weekly shopping guides and recipes. Now grocery shopping is a breeze.
  • 12-Weeks worth of meal plans and food lists
  • Daily Monday-Sunday community support in a private Facebook Group
  • An advanced education in the new science of fat loss.
  • Most importantly, the opportunity to achieve the leanest, fittest body you ever thought possible!
  • Top female and male participants will receive a $500 cash prize based on their body change!

As a participant in this program, you will be one of the first groups of individuals introduced to the newest fat loss protocols in the Metabolic Effect arsenal.  These are the exact protocols outlined in the latest ME Book, Lose Weight Here, which released in Spring of 2015!!

Program participation is strictly limited to 200 participants and entry is granted on a first come first serve basis.

There are no refunds or cancellations once purchase is made as you will be taking a spot from another person. You will be charged 3 equal monthly installments. So be sure you are ready to make a change!

Committed individuals only!

Average Weight Lost: 12 pounds
Average Inches Lost: 6

Program starts the week of January 11th

Again, serious participants only please!! Please make sure you review our terms & conditions and privacy policy before registering.

Here are just a few of the results from some of our past sessions! Just scroll down below.


T_sheets_ftl CollageCompton, Brian - Final



Carter, Lorraine - FinalYontz, Rob - Final


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