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Craving Shake

From: $19.95 for 1 month

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Some of the best tasting whey protein on the market today!

Sold in boxes of 14 – 2.4 Oz. packets

Metabolic Effect’s Craving Shake is the culmination of years of research and clinical experience into the science of cravings and how to stop them.

When it comes to long-term success with body change, it all boils down to being able to control the natural elevations in hunger and cravings that come any time you change your diet or exercise regime. It is naive to assume willpower alone can overcome these powerful sensations.

As experts in metabolism that have worked with tens of thousands of individuals all over the globe, brothers and doctors Jade & Keoni Teta have been working on the hunger and craving problem for almost a decade.

Through their research it became immediately apparent that protein was one of the most powerful aspects of controlling hunger and cravings. The problem was that most protein replacements on the market taste terrible, having chalky or gritty textures in the mouth and unappealing aftertastes.

In addition, the use of synthetic sweeteners was another issue. These high force sweeteners can improve taste, but have been shown to trigger hunger and cravings themselves.

After spending many years experimenting with all the elements required for an ideal protein meal replacement, Drs Jade and Keoni came up with a unique blend of ingredients that was not only devastatingly effective at wiping out cravings, but also tasted so good it is something people craved in and of itself .

The formula starts with a base of high quality whey protein, including from grass fed organic cattle. This assured the taste and quality of the whey was well assimilated and had a flavor like none other. Whey protein is a well known suppressor of the stress hormone cortisol and because it is exceptionally rich in the branched-chain amino acids, among others amino acids, it also elevates the feel good brain chemicals GABA, serotonin and dopamine (Research here).

This is what makes it so good at suppressing cravings and why having this at the end of the day can completely remove the hankering for a high calorie ice creams and milk shakes! Craving Shake tastes and satisfies just like ice cream, but helps you burn fat as opposed to store it.

In addition to the specially-sourced whey protein, the formula is spiked natural sugars & starches from whole foods like apple powder, honey, yucca powder as well as fats like flaxseed, olive oil and sunflower oil. It also contains healthy bacteria that are now known to be a critical factor in repairing the metabolism and keeping it healthy.

Finally, the formula also contains a complete compliment of vitamins and minerals. One recent study showed that products like this outperformed whole foods in terms of supplying nutrition for those on diets. While whole foods are always preferred, the fast-paced convenience lifestyle does not always allow for cooking these meals. Craving Shake is formulated in a way to help provide a good base of nutrition for the active types who are short on time, but who don’t want to sacrifice nutrition.


Craving Shake also uses some of the most well-researched soluble fibers on the market to “trick the metabolism” into thinking it has eaten. This causes the release of key metabolic hormones like GLP-1 to suppress hunger and positively regulate the metabolism. These include flaxseed fiber, guar gum, acacia gum fiber and cassia fiber.

Craving Shake is low calorie and great care was taken to get the flavor and sweetness profiles just right. Obviously you are not going to use the product if you don’t like the way it tastes. Craving Shake was meticulously formulated so that the flavor and taste caused you to crave it instead of something else.

Use Craving Shake up to three times per day. Take before meals, between meals, after meals or anytime you experience a craving. For best results and for proper mixture of the fiber, blending is highly recommended.

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