Craving School: A 12-Week Course To Beat Food Cravings For Good

$49.00 / month for 3 months

Craving School: A 12-Week Course To Beat Food Cravings For Good

$49.00 / month for 3 months

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66% of dieters end up fatter after their diet than before they started, why?

Because they don’t understand the how and why behind cravings!!

The new science of what causes food cravings has accelerated at a rapid pace over the last several years. Despite this fact, the information is clouded under a sea of never ending fad programs and magical elixirs that don’t deal with the underlying problem.

Cravings are about the brain, not the foods you are eating, not magical supplements, not about exercising and not about restricting calories or carbs. In fact all these things can make the food craving problem worse not better.

This 12 week program delivers the cutting edge new science of how to change the brain to combat cravings. In it you will learn how brain chemistry works to contribute to, and in some people actually cause, food cravings. You will learn how the brains natural tendency to build habits can be used to reset the behavioral aspects of cravings. You will learn exactly what it takes to change the brain at both the chemical and behavioral level.

Craving school is an upgraded, expanded and completely new version of our old product Smart Habits. Program includes:

  • 12- weeks of daily guided emails.
  • Unique mindfulness tools to stop cravings before they start
  • Learn to “hack habits”, changing bad habits from liabilities and turning them into permanent fat loss behaviors.
  • Learn to develop iron clad self-control through learning the skills of change. Change willpower to “skillpower”
  • A weight loss program that works with any exercise regime you are doing, in fact exercise is not a requirement at all.
  • Discover how exposing yourself to more of the foods you love rather than avoiding them is the key to craving success.
  • Information is not transformation. You can know all there is to know about the best diet and exercise programs, but if you can’t do them they will not work. This program helps you transcend the struggles of the mind to eliminate cravings once and for all.

There is a HUGE difference between short term weight loss and sustained fat loss for life. To achieve the latter means you must understand the in-depth science of cravings.
This product comes with live recorded group coaching direct from Dr. Jade as follows: Six group Q&A calls over the 12 weeks. Each call lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and consists of half education and half Q&A.
This product also comes with 6 educational coaching modules from doctor Jade covered on the calls and loaded into your portal.