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Episode 41: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #25

In this episode Dr. Jade speaks on HGH & Sugar, the health benefits of xylitol, pre workout nutrition for athletes, acne & diet and more…..

What You’ll Hear:

0:37 How to get your questions answered

1:25 Benefits and cons of Xylitol? (live question)

1:56 Information on reading labels

2:58 Xylitol classification and other compounds

5:53 Some benefits of xylitol

8:50 Xylitol for infections

9:28 Inflammation on face; doctor prescribed topical antibiotic with zinc, treating like acne? (live question)

9:53 Acne in general and long held misconceptions about diet

11:06 The Dietary Cure for Acne by Dr. Loren Cordain

11:38 Antibiotics on acne and underlying issues

12:39  Dr. Jillian Teta: expert on digestive health

13:15  Other acne triggers

13:31  If on low histamine diet, what is best supplement to take like quercetin and best dosage? (live question)

13:45 Curcumin and glutamine discussion

14:58 What are typical signs and symptons of sibo? (live question)

15:32 GI Tract and bacteria

16:17 Ways to deal with sibo

17:04 Dietary changes and gut restoration

18:50 Suggested supplements to help with sibo

19:30 Exercise and post exercise glutamine

20:40 Acne and gut issues

22:32 ME’s pain program and autoimmune program and overlapping areas

23:06 Australian equivalent to Femguard to deal with menopause? (reader question)

24:14 Diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, THEN supplements

24:45 Vitex,  chasteberry, black cohosh in health food stores

25:36 Does having sugar within an hour of working out stops HGH production? (reader question)

26:19 Probably due to HGH and high blood sugar levels are negatively correlated; but be careful with information

26:57 Increasing level of exogenous estrogen compounds and progesterone in men? (reader question)

27:21 Answered on blog “Boners and Biceps” posted on Metabolic Effect

28:34 Transgender population has been a great help in understanding hormones

29:09 Use of oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy is prevalent and where do these estrogen metabolites go and other hormones getting into water supply.

30:07 Physicians are seeing more and more young men with hormonal issues, but giving me progesterone is not recommended.

31:17  Conflicting information regarding coleus forskohlii and green tea dosages and products discussed in book vs Metabolic Prime? (reader question)

31:43 Rodale, Harper Collins and online publisher, Natural Health Sherpa, and Jade’s products

33:08 Product by publisher vs product used at Metabolic Effect: Metabolic Fire vs Fat Burner Complex

35:28 Together with weight loss program, would like to take some of the supplements…are they of bovine origin. (reader question)

36:04 What should athletes eat as a pregame meal? (reader question)

36:42 Pregame vs pre workout: Elite/professional athlete vs average weight loss person

38:10 Post workout meal replacement of protein shake is recommended

39:00 Athletes and “carbing up”

40:28 Glycogen stores and eating mixed meals

42:08 Pay attention to meals 10-12 hours pregame and evaluate performance

43:00 Suggested meals

Sources Mentioned:

Dr. Loren Cordain — The Dietary Cure for Acne 

Dr. Jillian Teta — Natural Suggestions for Digestive Health

Dr.’s Keoni and Jade Teta — Books


Metabolic Complex

Fat Burner Complex

Metabolic Fire