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Episode 40: Hormone Replacement with Dr. Aaron Grossman (TRT & HRT)

In this episode Dr. Jade speaks with Dr. Aaron Grossman CEO and founder of www.chekd.com on hormone replacement therapy. The discussion mostly centers around men and TRT.  Topics covered include the tests to get, where to test, which drugs to take and why, HRT and more…..

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What You’ll Hear:

0:22  Welcome

0:30 Most common question, “How do I know if my hormones are imbalanced and what can I do to balance them?” (Dr. Jade Teta)

0:41 Guest Dr. Aaron Grossman, founder and creator of an incredible company, chek’d.com.

1:00 What chek’d does and Dr. Grossman introduction

1:27 Dr. Aaron Grossman explains why it is important to understand your hormones

2:33 Dr. Jade Teta talks about TRT, testosterone replacement therapy

3:12 How would a man know there is something going awry with their hormone system? (Dr. Jade Teta question)

4:04 Dr. Grossman: 1 out of 3 men have a significant diminished testosterone level

5:01 Molecular assault on masculinity and Dr. Jade’s story

6:47 Process to test

7:05 Mental and physical aspects

8:00 Know your baseline testosterone levels

10:04 Why are the creams, supplements and herbs not the place to begin?

11:16 Major medical institutions are trained to prescribe what pharmaceutical companies provide.

13:02 Must look at results and TRT like a diabetic

13:24 Best information is by Jay Campbell of TRTrevolution.com/pdf

14:00 Labs give you a range: What is normal for you?

15:28 What does free testosterone tell us? (Dr. Jade Teta question)

16:40 Another context of tests

17:23  How testosterone molecule works

18:24 Insulin resistance and low testosterone

19:27  There are good quality injectables; which ones are your favorite and what are the differences? (Dr. Jade Teta question)

20:20 Excess fat tissue and its effects on testosterone

23:28 Transdermal insulin and molecule size

24:27 New research on injectable testosterone

28:38 At what point are estrogen levels a problem?

30:06 Men do need some estrogen

30:39 Review of which tests men are recommended for men

32:20 How does your company make this easy for men? (Dr. Jade Teta question)

33:07  Most people have a feeling when there is something going on and no longer at 100%.  Qualitative process that chek’d.com quantitates with tests.

34:52 Lab baselines give these feelings a number.

35:43 For the most part, people are healthy; this just helps you find what will get you back to that 100%

37:04 Individualized and proactive healthcare

38:13 What is the situation for women? (Dr. Jade Teta question)

38:57 Female hormonal system is more reactive to stress than the male system.

39:33 Dr. Aaron Grossman discusses how this quantitative system works very well for women as well.

41:09 Women have more tests, but easier to treat. Women seem to be more reactive.

43:18 Thank you to Dr. Aaron Grossman.  Final words? (Dr. Teta)

43:47 Have a healthy form of selfishness. Put yourself and your health first to be best for those around you.  Heal yourself first. (Dr. Grossman)

Sources Mentioned:

Dr. Aaron Grossman website:  https://chekd.com

Link for Metabolic Effect followers:  www.chekd.com/metaboliceffect.com

Jay Campbell and TRT book: The Definitive TestosteroneReplacement Therapy MANual – http://www.trtrevolution.com/book/