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Episode 39: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #24

In this Podcast, Dr. Jade Teta answers questions regarding alcohol consumption, joint pain, autoimmune issues, metabolic endotoxemia and more……

What You’ll Hear:

0:30 How to get your questions answered

1:57  Hip pain and movement suggestions? (reader question)

2:50 We limit our range of motion due to our lifestyle and exercise also don’t use our full range of motion for joints

4:54 Broader movement practice needed

5:41 Other experts like Kate Galliett and Hunter Fitness

6:50 Techniques to release some pressure and manipulate muscles

8:01 Full range of motion movements to move muscle to hit all natural angles

9:36 What does it mean if female has leaner legs and gains more fat around midsection and arms, though not drastically noticed? (reader question)

10:19 Very in-depth ME blog called “Female Belly Fat, Stress, Menopause and Other Causes”

10:39 Most research done in metabolism has been done with men’s metabolism

11:24 Estrogen plays a role in women’s body shape and women’s metabolism is more stress reactive than men’s

13:03 Hormones change under stressful conditions: progesterone and estrogen levels drop and testosterone and cortisol levels go up

13:18 PCOS and menopause are examples of this type of hormone change

13:27  ME’s programs: The Stress Diet and The Menopause Program both deal with this

14:20 Book suggestions for estranged relationships? Would like a better relationship with my father. (reader question)

15:00 Techniques in coaching, but don’t know a specific book

15:28 Can not change people, but can change how we relate to that person.

16:14 Reinforcing stories our loved ones may tell themselves; look for a different story

18:27 Been taking 2 Gabba Calm and Yogi night time tea for restless legs for over two years. Any side effects or contra indications for Gabba Calm? (reader question)

18:51 Clear relationship between restless legs and iron deficiency: anemia.

19:20 Suggested tests to rule out iron deficiencies

19:33 ME’s Gabba Calm helps with sleep containing GABAergic type herbs

20:23 Theoretically, high doses or over long period time, there could be a down regulating effect; but have never seen this in clinic

21:14 Any reliance on a med or supplement or herb is probably because the cause has not been found.

22:34 Physical things to help with restless legs

23:30 Long question related to rheumatoid arthritis? (reader question)

23:55 Look out for ME’s two new programs on Body Pain and Autoimmune Program

24:14 There is a better understanding of how the immune system becomes dysfunctional

25:54 The digestion system protocol used in clinic has been extremely beneficial

26:52 Digestion system discussion: Metabolic endotoxemia

29:25 Science is very clear and much success in clinic, but it is an intensive protocol

30:23 Resources: Jillian Teta’s book: Natural Solutions for Digestive Health and a previous podcast discussing metabolic endotoxemia

30:45 Work 3rd shift in hospital and am gaining weight, should I even try to get in shape with circadian rhythms so out of whack? I feel like I have aged 10 years and can’t seem to lose weight on this program. (reader question)

32:08 Weight gain not just about food and exercise, but about stress (ME’s Stress Diet Program)

32:30 Suggestions to help get started, and not add stress

33:15 Rule out conditions related to thyroid and adrenal gland with more than TSH

34:00 You can absolutely lose the weight but takes a different approach and education

34:30 Would answer you gave for autoimmune diseases also apply to giant cell arteritis? Inflammation markers are very high. (reader question)

34:44 Do believe there is an autoimmune component and dealing with metabolic endotoxemia is going to be critical when there are inflammatory markers

35:29 Long question regarding alcohol and how much is too much? Saw T-Nation article on lifting and alcohol and like to have wine. (reader question)

36:07 Just posted something regarding this question: Instagram post read

38:00 What to think about in terms of alcohol and toxins

39:42 Concept of hormesis

41:40 What works and what doesn’t when it comes to food

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