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Episode 38: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #23

In this Podcast, Dr. Jade Teta answers questions regarding cholesterol levels, cardiovascular considerations, hip releases and stretches, natural thyroid replacement, the menopause program, adjusting your approach to find your own formula, and more……

What You’ll Hear: 

0:23 Welcome

0:44 How to get your questions answered.

1:07  How can I lower my HDL, it is high as well as my LDL? (live question)

1:26 What everyone should know about cholesterol and heart disease.

4:16 Cholesterol trends and different LDLs and HDLs

6:48 Traditional views of cholesterol; entire profile and adapting an appropriate diet

7:27  Supplement advice and High Blood Pressure concerns

8:50 Places that will run tests for risks of cardiovascular disease: Berkeley Heart Labs and VAP Test

9:10  How do I fix my psoas and gluteus medius where the tensor fascia lata are to balance them for good hip function?  (live question)

9:53 Hip abductor tightness and stretch suggestions

11:51 After 8 years of having no period, I suddenly got my period. Should I be worried?  (live question)

12:09 Examples of returning menses as healthy response

13:23 Fibroids and estrogen

13:51 Rule-outs for returning menses-do your due diligence-uterine cancer

15:15 Thyroid of 1.6 in May went to 3.5 in August; I am approaching 40 and want to have a baby; Dr. wants me on meds. I leaning toward a more natural approach, your thoughts? (live question)

15:42 Dr. Jade’s thoughts, but he is NOT your physician

16:37 Why your doctor is concerned

16:55 Labs recommended for a bigger picture: thyroid panel

18:00 Do not just treat numbers! Make sure your labs correlate with signs and symptoms

18:33 Potential benefits of Ashwagandha

19:12 Follow-up to menses question (live question)

20:12 When to get concerned.

20:26 I take Armour Thyroid and am doing your Menopause Program, should I continue to take the Armour Thyroid? (live question)

20:51 With thyroid, reconsider drug biases. Always talk to your physician and first make lifestyle changes.

22:42 Low thyroid increases risks of all diseases, especially for women: bone health, weight gain, depression

23:12 Currently on birth control to prep for surgery. I do terrible on birth control, anything you recommend to help with emotional roller coaster and cravings until I am able to get off?  Vitex and craving cocoa? (live question)

23:39 Birth Control and hormone replacement therapies

24:56 Things to help balance your reactions after you talk to your physician

*Remember Dr. Teta is not your doctor. This is educational information

25:34 Jade’s big three suggestions:  cocoa powder, branch chain amino acids and fiber sources.  ME’s craving cocoa has all three of these

27:04 Is it true that weight gain can be genetic? I am following all the advice of ME’s Menopause Program. (live question)

27:33 The problem is in the question: Don’t follow someone else’s program!  Find your program.

29:08 Weight gain is probably not related to genetics, but to environment – Metabolism, aging, and choices being made.

29:29 Estrogen and progesterone therapies can change the way the body responds.

30:11 First thing to TRY is to take out refined carbs and dairy, including whey proteins.

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Ashwagandha Herb

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