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Episode 37: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #22

In this Podcast, Dr. Jade Teta answers questions regarding diabetes, PCOS, the use of berberine for insulin management, erectile dysfunction, and why certain foods fill us up and others don’t. He also outlines how to get your questions answered.

What You’ll Hear: 


0:38  How to get your questions answered

1:01   Why does fruit make me feel hungry vs other foods? (live question)

1:56   Fruit and chewing speed as appetite suppressant

5:06   Suggestions for stressful family situations that bring on eating issues and weight gain. (live question)

6:27   Benefits of 3:2:1 protocol.  Take the thinking out of food.

7:53   1 minute exercise suggestions to reduce stress hormones

9:30  Critical: In times of stress — talk about it!

10:13  Is weight training different for women? Exercise regime to harmonize female hormones? (live question)

10:40  B’s & H’s.  There are some differences for men and women

12:33  Estrogen and progesterone reactions to training

14:56  Heart rate variability as a tool: HRV4 training and BioForce HRV

15:50  Training along with the menstrual cycle

17:05  Adaptogens — Vitex, or Chasteberry

17:55  Advice on re-feed days to re-set metabolism. Will it create days of eating too much and vice versa? (live question)

18:29  Metabolism is a thermostat

20:29  Gentler approach suggestions

22:00  Intolerance for whey protein recently, should I discontinue use and/or substitute protein? (live question)

22:46  Food intolerance is indicative of larger digestive issues

22:55  ME’s Stress Diet Program or 4-R program

23:05  Check other ingredients in protein powder: is it really the whey?

23:28  ME’s Craving Shake ingredients: enzyme blend to help digest protein

24:01  Pea, rice or hemp powders are alternatives

24:40  Gut restoration

25:06  Please repeat patterns: eat less, exercise less and eat more, exercise more? (live question)

25:23  There is an ME blog that addresses this issue

26:20  4-10 days of eat less, exercise more approach; don’t stay here too long

26:50  Rule of thumb for eat more, exercise more

27:48  PCOS struggles and despite ME programs, can’t budge scale. Recommendations? (live question)

28:40 Metabolic Damage and stress

29:08 Best approaches for PCOS: diet, movement, supplements

29:41  Beneficial supplements and studies:  alpha lipoic acid and berberine

30:45  ME’s PCOS program feedback

32:15  Alcohol suddenly has a stronger affect; any recommendations? (live question)

32:50 Alcohol is a lot of different ingredients

33:27  Liver function tests

34:11  Alcohol is a KNOWN toxin

35:40  Berberine and dosing as substitute for metformin, any negative side effects? (reader question)

36:43 Best way to take berberine and it’s effects on digestion

38:00  Would like to know everything on erectile disfunction. (reader question)

38:23  Physiology around erections and sex: point and shoot

39:14  Loss of erection possible causes and warning signs

40:11  Herbal therapies and practices

42:11 ME’s Adrenal Aid and possible pharmaceuticals

43:41 Lifestyle changes

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