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Episode 29: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #14



In this Podcast Jade answers questions submitted by ME followers as well as outlines how to get your questions answered.

What You’ll Hear:

:42  How to get your questions answered

2:10  A description of Acronyms ELEL, EMEM, ELEM and EMEL from the book Lose Weight Here.

4:45 How to treat shingles naturally and the shingles vaccines? (Reader Question)

7:10 Arginine/lysine ratio & viruses. See http://www.herpes.com/Nutrition.shtml for a list of foods.

11:12 Immune function, stress reactions and viral activity and what you can do to help

12:35 Adrenals, injuries, workout recovery and keeping joints healthy? (Reader Question)

16:00 Dynamic versus static stretching & eccentric reps for joint health.

17:05 Supplements and nutritional considerations for joints and recovery

18:19 Who is the Metabolic Aftershock program good for? (Reader Question)

19:00 Body fat % normals for postmenopausal women?  (Reader Question)

20:30 The hourglass shape for women.  http://metaboliceffect.com/me-shape-calculator

21:08 Why is Metabolic Aftershock marketed the way it is (Reader Question)

21:30 Why is Metabolic Effect so high protein? Is that healthy?  (Reader Question)

21:40 Explanation of convenience based foods and protein shakes

25:50 Metabolic Fire supplement..should I take even if I am not exercising? (Reader Question)

27:27 Autoimmunity and its connection to gut health

28:30 How to reduce thigh and belly fat? (Reader Question)

30:00 Two simple to start with ME. The Metabolic Effect Diet (Book) http://bit.ly/metaboliceffectbook and Metabolic Aftershock (Workout DVD & Book) http://bit.ly/meaftershock

31:10 How do non-calorie foods like coffee, stevia, etc impact the metabolism? (Reader Question)

34:20 What to do for constipation? (Reader Question)

35:00 The 6 F’s of constipation.  Fluid, Flow, Fiber, Fat, Flora and Fire