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Episode 28: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #13



In this Podcast Jade answers questions submitted by ME followers as well as outlines how to get your questions answered.

What You’ll Hear:

0:50 How to get your questions answered

2:20 Herbs to boost testosterone in a menopausal woman (reader question)

3:00 Masturbation effects on body composition (reader question)

3:40 Testosterone management

6:00 Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Zinc

6:45 Testosterone and sex drive

9:30 DHEA supplementing

10:50 Body absorbing and using sperm

11:33 Testosterone Therapy

11:48 Resistance training and testosterone

13:10 Lose Weigh Here; 4/2/2 eating plan; eating 3 meals instead (reader question)

14:25 Estrogen dominance (reader question)

17:20 Decreasing hormones coming into the body

19:10 Gastric Bypass surgery and long term term effects (reader question)

21:00 Eating every couple of hours/ not snacking…problems with following “programs” (reader question)

24:00 Structured flexibilty and overview of Jade’s books (reader question)

25:40 HEC in check but hip/waist ratio getting worse (reader question)

27:00 Rest based lifestyle

29:15 Estrogen/ progesterone and impacts on mood (reader question)

32:00 Estrogen dominance and fibroids (reader question)

33:27 Hyperthyroidism Treatment (reader question)

38:37 Extremely sore after Metabolic Aftershock work outs, how to treat/ prevent (reader question)

40:30 How to help with soreness

42:00 Supplements to help with PCOS; other tips (reader question)