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Episode 27: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #12



In this Podcast Jade answers questions submitted by ME followers as well as outlines how to get your questions answered.

What You’ll Hear:

1:15 After a binge eating week end, is it ok to adhere to the ELEM approach? (reader question)

2:00 Explanation of different “diet” approaches

4:00 How to make ELEM work for a short time

5:40 How to avoid anxiety over Fear of Missing Out when dieting? (reader question)

7:10 How to participate in activities with out totally going off track

8:50 Emotional Alchemy

10:30 Being compassionate to yourself

11:46 Testing good/bad estrogen levels (reader question)

14:20 Estrogen Metabolism

16:21 43 year old woman trying to lose weight, also weight train with out gaining too much muscle (reader question)

19:50 Future of ME lifstylers All Access Pass (reader question)

21:30 GI Revive, where to find? Suggestions for replacements (reader question)

23:20 How to help/fix your gut

23:46 How to repair your gut

26:18 Reverse osmosis water filtering; water safety (reader question)

28:40 Underachieve thyroid diagnosis; lost a lot of weight, went off meds; struggling again, how to handle (reader question)

31:45 When your thyroid is out of whack, everything else tends to be

33:08 Vertigo in women over 45 (reader question)

36:10 Difference between ME Spark work out and weigh training (reader question)