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Episode 24: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #9



In this Podcast Jade answers questions submitted by ME followers as well as outlines how to get your questions answered.

What You’ll Hear:

1:32 Normal Range for testosterone (reader question)

2:15 Blood labs, reference ranges explained

5:00 Testosterone levels addressed

6:40 Total vs. Free Test normal ranges

8:15 Testosterone in females levels

8:45 Symptoms of testosterone deficit

9:30 “Change” Psychology and how to teach it (Reader question)

10:15 Viktor Frankl/ Man’s Search for Meaning

11:40 Will to Meaning

13:00 Happiness/ Meaning is something you choose

16:40 Where to find meaning?

19:27 How to increase libido during Menopause (Reader question)

23:20 If lifestyle changes aren’t enough, what kind of supplements?

25:11 Benefits of exercise for libido

27:13 How to get your questions answered