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Episode 19: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #4



In this Podcast Jade answers questions submitted by ME followers as well as outlines how to get your questions answered.

What You’ll Hear:

0:00 How to submit a question

1:40 How to deal with tendonitis; current and future work outs (reader question)

2:10 Ligaments/ Tendonitis defined; Strained/Sprained muscles- differences, definitions

4:10 Tendonitis and inflammation

5:15 How to heal tendons

5:50 Concentric vs. Eccentric Contractions

6:40 Cross Fiber Function

8:00 Contrast Hydrotherapy; increasing blood supply to tendons

9:30 Supplements to Take; problems with anti-inflammatory

12:36 How to deal with a Serotonin deficiency

15:00 Serotonin defined and functions explained

16:45 How to Raise Serotonin

20:10 PCOS and trying to gain muscle but have hit a wall..what now?

22:15 To lose weight/fat must have a calorie deficit

22:40 To build muscle you must have a calorie excess; ***impossible to gain muscle in calorie deficit

23:45 Importance of nutrition/ carb timing

25:00 To build muscle need to concentrate on traditional weight training

27:40 Lyrica for muscle pain (Reader question)

28:29 Fibromyalgia explained

30:30 What sort of training helps with fibromyalgia

31:15 Dealing with food sensitivities and fibromyalgia

32:45 Best supplements for fibromyalgia…magnesium and vitamin D

34:15 Idea for snacks for sugar burners (reader question)

35:00 Explanation of 3 burner types per the New ME Diet

39:00 Menopause program

40:00 Bulletproof coffee; what is it? how is it used?

47:00 Probiotics/ Prebiotics…how to choose them and use them

50:45 Jade’s favorites

51:00 Link to Probiotic Information

52:45 Problems and side effects associated with probiotics

53:30 How to get your questions answered