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Episode 17: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #2



In this Podcast Jade answers questions submitted by ME followers as well as outlines how to get your questions answered.

What You’ll Hear:

0:00 How to submit a question

2:10 Struggle with Menopause and weight fluctuations (Reader Question)

2:40 Brief menopause explanation

4:10 Role of progesterone (anti-stress hormone) in Menopause

8:00 ME Menopause program

8:45 importance of type of exercise, controlling stress, managing diet and adding rest/recovery activities

12:00 blue print for eating/ activity plan

14:45 Not exercising because of exercise but losing weight; wants to reintroduce exercise (Reader question)

15:45 Importance of diet vs. exercise in weight loss

17:20 ME Aftershock program explained

20:00 Why you need to keep squatting!

24:00 What to do when you “hit the wall” with diet, exercise or both (Reader question)

25:00 Lose Weight Here book discussion, how to heal your metabolism

26:00 Your metabolism will fight against you, changes depending on your activity level

28:00 Metabolic compensation

29:00 Readjusting your Metabolic Toggles; how to preempt “hitting the wall”

32:30 Very petite, slight woman trying to maintain (Reader Question)

35:45 Women with slight frames who have maintained possibly unhealthy weight for years at risk for Long Latency Diseases (i.e. depression, osteoporosis)

37:15 Importance of adding weight training

41:15 ME Mindset Program

41:45 Love/ Hate relationship with sugar; help with sugar craving (Reader Question)

42:20 cravings explained

43:45 need to stimulate dopamine, how?

44:20 Importance of cocoa powder

46:45 ME Craving cocoa and protein shake; combination of cocoa powder, BCAAs and fiber

48:37 buffer foods and how to use them

50:30 how to balance stress and exercise (Reader Question)

53:25 listen to your body; importance of HEC (hunger, energy, cravings)

54:00 Thoughts on protein bars (Reader Question)

59:00 Label Reading for an “effective” protein bar