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Episode 16: Metabolic Effect Q&A Session #1



In this Podcast Jade answers questions submitted by ME followers as well as outlines how to get your questions answered.

What You’ll Hear:

0:00-2:15 Overview of format, how to get your questions to Metabolic Effect

2:20 New ME programs for ME Lifestyle Members, Overview of ME Lifestyle Program

3:40 New ME programs

5:15 Does lifting weights cause weight gain? (submitted question)

6:30 What does “weight loss” really mean or tell us?

11:05 Benefits of adding muscle

12:13 Can high levels of protein in your diet cause significant health problems? (submitted question)

13:50 Problems associated with reading population studies

24:45 Can you lower your “set point”? (submitted question)

28:00 How to manage inflammation (submitted question)

29:00 Definition of inflammation; chronic vs. acute

33:15 ME Menopause program; how/when to add strength components (submitted question)

35:15 ELEM= Eat Less, Exercise More; how and when to use this (submitted question)

38:15 Recap of Jade’s contact info and how to get your questions to him