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Episode 14: The CrossFit Diet With Brad Davidson

Jade and Brad Davidson discuss how to pair diet with high intensity exercise pursuits to lose weight, build muscle and keep the metabolism healthy.

What you’ll hear:

1:45 Beware of Circus Work Outs (Jade); exercise strategy best for body change

3:52 Progressive Overload, importance of recording results, change comes from extreme muscle stress (Brad)

7:50 Trying to build muscle and get rid of fat?

9:13 German Weight Lifting simplified; 8-12 rep range, 40-70 seconds

10:50 Resting between sets…why and how long?

12:05 Pairing only 2 movements together; pull/push, upper/lower body

14:30 How can an endurance athlete get stronger with out bulking up?

16:30 Is confusing the body a good or bad idea?

18:15 Benefits of Crossfit, and Russian Conjugate Training

19:45 Recovering from Exercise; how to fuel your training

20:45 Build Muscle; Carbs and their role in gaining muscle mass

24:45 Recap on how to gain muscle

27:10 Fat Loss in Crossfit Training with out Metabolic Damage

30:15 Metabolic compensation

32:15 Tips to losing fat (Brad), caffeine, managing cortisol

34:45 Long duration cardio myths (Jade)

36:10 Long duration cardio myths (Brad)

38:30 Moderation, Individualization (Jade)

40:30 “Feel good or change something” (Brad)