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Episode 13: How to be Evidence Based in Health & Fitness

How to be Evidence Based in Health & Fitness with Jade and Spencer Nadolsky


What You’ll Hear:

1:45 Who is Spencer Nadolsky? Affiliations, bio, viewpoints

5:00 Examine.com

5:40 Jade explains his naturopathetic background and route

6:35 Myths and misleading studies, i.e. “Diet Soda Causes Cancer”

8:00 How to navigate the information out there; If it sounds too good to be true it probably is”

10:30 Dr. Oz? Should we believe him?

14:30 ND philosophy, “body can heal itself”

16:10 Spencer on a Day in the Nadolsky Clinic

19:00 Why you need to be proactive if you want to use natural remedies; and why they may not work

22:30 Commercial endorsements of “medical advice”

23:15 Jade tackling the issue of high blood pressure

25:00 Spencer on high blood pressure

27:35 Supplement cons

28:45 Have you heard for berberine?

32:25 More on supplements

36:30 How to make sense of all those studies out there…methodology is important

40:00 Myth of drinking soda ages you

41:35 What’s an experimental trial?

43:45 Spencer on Epidemiology

45:00 China Study and importance of a population study

47:00 Clinical Study of extra protein benefits

48:30 Jade on the Atkins Diet and using clinic to add to research and refine not define

52:00 Metabolic Damage?

54:00 Adrenal Fatigue?

56:15 Jade more on epidemiology

59:00 Spencer “go with what you know”

1:01:15 High Blood pressure and statins

1:05:10 More on supplements

1:07:50 Spencer shares his “go to” resources

1:11:00 Jade shares his

1:13:00 Precision Nutrition

1:16:25 Conclusion, Spencer’s info