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Testosterone is the power and winning hormone and the hall mark of a man. Optimize your male physiology

When it comes to optimizing male fitness, performance and metabolism it is all about optimizing testosterone. To get and stay lean, fit and potent requires a completely different approach than is usually pushed. It is about exercise efficiency, enough not too much. It is about personalized nutrition, a diet you design not one handed to you. It is about a lifestyle you can own, love and easily live with. We teach you how.

What People Are Saying...

“Dr Jade Teta is my top metabolic mentor. If I hit a fat loss roadblock with one of my high achieving clients, I know Dr. Teta will have the answer!!”

- Brad Davidson (Author & Elite Conditioning Coach)

“More than just a diet, this complete nutrition and exercise system will finally unlock the door to a leaner, stronger, fitter body. If you’ve been looking for something that incorporates the most effective cutting edge tips, tricks and techniques for dropping fat in a hurry… this is it!”

- Christian Finn (International Fitness Expert)

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