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Metabolic Effect has been known for cutting edge fitness training from the very beginning.

The new ME Fitness Center is the next evolution in Metabolic Effect fitness training.
When it comes to fitness, trends come and go. The current trend is fitness that is more entertainment than anything else. We are not opposed to workouts that are fun, but not at the expense of results. Metabolic Effect delivers both.

In-person & Online Memberships

The best part about the new system is you can train with us both offline and online. If you are local to Metabolic Effect in Winston-Salem, NC then you can train with us directly at the center and get the chance to be trained by Dr. Jade, Gary Leake and Keoni themselves as well as other master level ME trainers.

If you are not local you can sign-up as an online member and get both the daily and monthly programming in video workouts delivered to your own online portal and email.

We can’t wait to help you get the most cutting edge training you can find. Registration is now open for both in-person and online memberships.

Simply click the links below to join. And one thing to know about ME is we never do contracts. Our monthly fees can be cancelled anytime.

We don’t believe in roping you in.

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What People Are Saying...

“Dr Jade Teta is my top metabolic mentor. If I hit a fat loss roadblock with one of my high achieving clients, I know Dr. Teta will have the answer!!”

- Brad Davidson (Author & Elite Conditioning Coach)

“More than just a diet, this complete nutrition and exercise system will finally unlock the door to a leaner, stronger, fitter body. If you’ve been looking for something that incorporates the most effective cutting edge tips, tricks and techniques for dropping fat in a hurry… this is it!”

- Christian Finn (International Fitness Expert)

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