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What is Met10?


Metabolic 10, or Met10 as we call it, is a progressed and periodized metabolic weight-training program designed specifically to produce a lean, fit-looking body.

If you are wondering what “progressed” and “periodized” means, you are not alone. Most fitness programs don’t know what those things mean either. These “other” programs use random exercises, from unrelated disciplines in completely arbitrary ways just to make it “feel” like you are doing something.

A progressed program means the exercises, loads and training structure is planned out in detail for a specific purpose.

What’s the purpose of Metabolic 10 programming?


To develop your body so you actually

look like you workout.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to be the best at exercise and you are not trying to be the first person to complete a random weight training gauntlet. What you are after is a program that gives you a healthy and fit-looking body. That is what Metabolic 10 is designed to do.

The program is based around 10 weeks of workouts. Each workout is built out of 10 essential moves. We call them the “Metabolic 10.”


What Are The Metabolic 10?



The Push (push-up, bench press, push-press, handstand pushups, dip)
The Pull (deadlift, pull-up/chin-up, bent-over row, power curl, high pull)
The Legs (back squat, front squat, split squat, hip thrust)
The Sprint (shorter than 400meter)
The Lungs (400 meters or longer)
The Jump (squat jump, box jump, split jump, jump rope, jump overs)
The Carry (walking lunge, all forms of carrying weight)
The Core (all plank variations, slam ball, kettlebell swing, sit-up, toes-to-bar)
The Get-up (up-downs, all burpee variations, all “get-up” variations)
The Body (ground to shoulder, ground to overhead, thruster)
 Following the 10 weeks of workouts the training cycle ends with two weeks of testing around 10 fitness parameters.



What Are The Fitness Parameters?


Squat – 20 minutes to reach the heaviest weight capable of lifting.
Deadlift – 20 minutes to reach the heaviest weight capable of lifting.
Bench Press – 20 minutes to reach the heaviest weight capable of lifting.
Hand Stand Push-up – Total reps in 5-minute straight set.
Pull-up – Total reps in 5-minute straight set.
Push-up – Total reps in 5-minute straight set.
Sit-up – Total reps in 5-minute straight set.
400-Meter Sprint – How fast to complete.
The Mile – How fast to complete
The Wildcard – A random test to assess total fitness (strength/endurance/mental toughness)


How to get started?

The Metabolic 10 system is programmed by Jade Teta, Gary Leake and the Metabolic Effect Team. Each week there will be six workouts released, one each day Monday to Saturday.

To get started with in-person training, check out the schedule and sign-up at the Metabolic Effect Fitness Center Page.

The Metabolic 10 workouts will be released to our members on the app Wodify at 8pm the night prior to the workout. Many of these workouts will also be published on the Metabolic Effect Instagram feed @meteffect.



Are These Workouts Right For Me?

The Metabolic 10 workouts used what is known as “leveled programming”. This means it can accommodate many different levels of fitness.

The RX version of each workout is appropriate for intermediate fitness levels. Beginners can also enjoy almost all of these workouts.

The RX+ version of the workouts are for advanced fitness level and have strict guidelines in terms of weight used and type of exercise done.

In general, a person who can do 5 toe pushups and at least 1 pull-up is considered an intermediate fitness level according to Metabolic 10 standards.


Is this Crossfit?

No, Metabolic 10 is NOT Crossfit. At Metabolic 10 the goal is not to win a fitness race, it is to build a leaner, healthier more fit looking body. In short, to make you “look like you fit”. We are big fans of Crossfit in general, but Metabolic 10 has a completely different focus.

Where Crossfit is more generalized, Metabolic 10 is more focused. Where Crossfit uses many skill based, ballistic and varied exercises, Metabolic 10 sticks to the basics, minimizes risky movements and focus on building the body. Where Crossfit focuses on competition, Metabolic 10 focuses on getting you lean and fit!