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There are two things required for sustained and lasting weight loss:

  • a calorie deficit
  • hormonal balance

The problem with an over-reliance on the eat less, exercise more (ELEM) approach, is that it easily creates the calorie deficit but causes an unbalanced metabolism in the process.

This leads to yo-yo weight regain and fat overcompensation.

The goal is to avoid the eat less, exercise more approach for long periods of time.  It fails 95% of the time and causes 66% of dieters to regain more weight than they lost.

This calculator seeks to balance energy intake with energy output.

If you are active you need to eat more, not less. If you are inactive, you should eat much less.

You should either be eating more and exercising more (EMEM) like an athlete OR eating less and exercising less (ELEL) like the traditional European model.

The eat less, exercise more approach does not work for long-term weight loss and this calculator avoids that mistake.

Finally, remember that calories should not lead your approach but rather help refine it.

In other words, always seek to balance metabolism first by stabilizing hunger, energy and cravings (HEC).

When “HEC is in check” calories often take care of themselves.  When they don’t, this calculator can help provide guidance. For more on this approach please read this blog and this blog otherwise you may get confused when you see low or high calorie numbers calculated.

Here is a sample approach to both of these better models to body change:

A sample Eat Less, Exercise Less Plan (ELEL or 3:2:1):

  • 3 meals per day
  • 3 Rest and recovery activities per week (30-90 minutes tai chi, restorative yoga, sauna therapy, hot baths, massage/foam rolling, naps, etc)
  • 2 Traditional weight training workouts per week (4 sets of 10 reps of squats, chest press, back row and shoulder press)
  • 1 hour or more of slow leisure walking on all or most days of the week (5-10K steps)

A sample Eat More, Exercise More Plan (EMEM or 4:2:2):

  • 4 meals per day
  • 2 of those meals are protein and vegetable based (high volume/low cal)
  • 2 of those meals are include starch
  • 4-6 Short duration high intensity workouts per week (interval training, sprint training or metabolic conditioning)
  • 2 or more hours of walking on all or most days (accumulated steps= 10-20K)