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What Does It Mean To “Live the Fat Loss Lifestyle?”

Here at Metabolic Effect, we talk about living “the fat loss lifestyle,” and many of you mention living the “ME lifestyle.” So what does that entail and how can you know if you are living it?

For starters, despite the name, it doesn’t mean we are losing fat constantly and depriving ourselves to reach our lowest weight as fast as possible (that would be more like a contest prep diet). There may be times when we are in an ATTAIN phase and we are tighter with our nutrition, and then there are times when we are in a MAINTAIN phase, eating healthfully, effortlessly with balanced hunger, energy and cravings (HEC).

The key to this is that for it to be a lifestyle, it never becomes unsustainable. And in fact, we eat and train in a way that makes eating and training to stay healthy and lean EASIER to do, not harder. This also has to do with psychology, and finding ways to train willpower so living a healthy lifestyle becomes effortless.

Here are the 5 keys to living the fat loss lifestyle:


  1. It is all about ME, meaning YOU
    Living the fat loss lifestyle is an individual thing. If you went and received a meal plan and grocery list from a trainer, it would be difficult to do, and also probably wouldn’t last because it wasn’t designed to take into consideration your own metabolic expression, psychological sensitivities and personal preferences. Fat loss is a journey not a destination. It is a process not a protocol. The only shortcut is knowing there is no shortcut. Become the detective (take the time to figure out what works for you, instead of looking to someone else to do it for you) and stop being the dieter.
  2. Make Your Nutrition Work FOR You
    You shouldn’t be engaged in a battle of wills with your food every second, resisting, depriving and using every ounce of willpower to stop yourself from caving. That’s dieting, not lifestyle eating.
    Fat loss lifestyle nutrition is about finding the foods that give sustained energy, control hunger and reduce cravings. These foods are almost always higher in lean protein, fiber and water. This means eating unlimited amounts of lean protein, non-starchy vegetables and low sugar fruits. Finding a unique plan that can work for you includes finding your individual tolerance for starchy/sugary foods and fatty foods. The goal is to find something that can be done effortlessly, but also keeps you lean, fit & healthy. Lifestyle nutrition is the opposite of deprivation dieting.
  3. Engage in EFFICIENT Exercise
    The best form of activity will take the least amount of time and delivers the biggest results. Efficient exercise means exercise that does not create compensatory eating reactions (hunger and cravings). In general this is short and intense cardio activity, weight training activity and leisure-based activities like walking. Long duration steady state cardio may be the least efficient form of exercise. However, everything needs to be filtered through principle one. There are those who do very well on long duration cardio. There are those who love long duration cardio. The ME principle of metabolic expression, psychological sensitivities and personal preferences needs to be the guiding principle above all else. However, for something to become a lifestyle and be SUSTAINABLE, it can’t have you exercising for hours every day. A short workout will always be more sustainable in the long run than long-duration exercise.
  4. Take Into Account Lifestyle Factors
    Sleep and stress have no calories yet they drastically impact what we choose to eat, how much we eat and whether we feel motivated to exercise or not. Metabolic Effect’s Fat Loss Lifestyle strives to help individuals understand the environment they expose themselves to (living space, people, stress, work, sleep, etc) is hugely important in their overall goals concerning health, fitness and fat loss. With this principle comes the concept of the “big rocks” or fat loss hierarchy. This means we teach the lifestyle factors that make the BIGGEST IMPACT and try to avoid getting our clients caught up in confusing minutia regarding designer supplements, obscure research, micronutrients and “scare tactic health advice.” Understand that in order for you to be healthy forever, you need to pick your battles and you always earn the biggest bang for your buck when you focus on nutrition, exercise, sleep & stress.
  5. Fat Loss Can Happens Anywhere and Everywhere
    This principle completely merges the concept of individual metabolism with chosen lifestyle. ME is a company that seeks to educate the Whole Foods crowd as well as the Walmart crowd. We meet our followers where they are without judgment and try to give them tools to use wherever they are. If they eat most of their meals from McDonald’s, then we teach them how to eat at McDonald’s.
    Perfect is the enemy of good. We would rather see someone eating perfectly at McDonald’s than eating organic junk food at Whole Foods. Our view is that if you want people to come where you are, you have to first walk to where they are. This way they are far more likely to come along with you. The reverse is almost never true.

So stop worrying about having to prep and cook every single meal in a gourmet kitchen or throwing in the towel the second you get out of your element. Living the fat loss lifestyle is about CHOICES above all else. You can do this anywhere, which is why it’s a lifestyle. Do you best, understand that nothing is irreversible and there are no mistakes so long as you are learning along the way.

We say that fat loss is a process, not a protocol because we believe that the journey is just as important, if not more so, than the destination.

Fast fat loss is no good if you cannot maintain it. And the maintenance piece is all about engaging in the lifestyle. You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!

Are you ready to learn and begin living the fat loss lifestyle? The ME Lifestylers Club starts January 1st, 2013–providing you all the tool, techniques and accountability you need to learn, adopt and master you forever-lean lifestyle. We’re with you every step of the way.