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64 Ways to Live a Fat Loss LIFESTYLE Effortlessly

By Jill Coleman


Do you ever look at people who seemingly stay slim effortlessly and wonder, how do they that?

How can they go out to dinner and have only THREE BITES of dessert? Or, how can they buy a box of cookies and only have 2 every night after dinner instead of scarfing the whole thing? Or, how can they abstain from the breadbasket when at a restaurant?

These challenges can seem insurmountable to many of us. The idea of “moderation” or balance with your eating and exercise can feel a million miles away when you are caught up in the crash dieting cycle.

And yet, plenty of people have mastered this. How?

Change doesn’t happen overnight and there’s not one single “aha!” moment where all of a sudden everything clicks. If we want something to change, we have to get a liiiiiiittle uncomfortable, stay as consistent as possible with a small change here or there and then simply practice it forever. Living a healthy lifestyle never ends, and the people who get and stay lean have mastered the practice of it; they have successfully wrapped their heads around the fact that there’s no end in sight, so they better strap in for the long-haul and find strategies they can live with forever.

Jill+JillianSo. We asked our ME Lifestylers to provide insight. These are the members of our inner circle who have been PRACTICING switching gears for weeks, months, years; successfully moving from being a chronic dieter to someone who eats and exercises healthfully as a LIFESTYLE. They each offered one single change that they have successfully implemented long-term that has significantly changed their physique, their mindset or made achieving their results easier. These people have attained results and sustained them over time; accumulated lots of small wins to add up to big successes. They all started out just like you!

The actual verbatim responses are below 🙂 At first glance, they may not seem all that “hardcore” but at ME, we believe that whenever we go the “all or nothing” route, it always ends up being nothing. What matters is implementing tools that can be done forever.

If you resonate with one, try it and practice it until it’s effortless. Then, move on to the next one. Before you know it, you’ll be one of the those people who seemingly live the lean lifestyle with ease.

  1. I stopped hours of steady-state cardio and implemented leisure walks and heavy weight training.
  2. Eating a high protein breakfast sets me up for success.
  3. Mindset switch: focus on overall health and strength and how food makes me feel.
  4. 90% of the time I always choose fat OVER starch when dining out.
  5. No half and half in my coffee.
  6. Protein and heavy weights!
  7. I set my timer for 20 minutes and use the heaviest weights I can lift without compromising my form.
  8. Lower carbs for menopausal women. I stopped using artificial sweeteners and creamer. Also cut coffee to one per day.
  9. I can’t out-exercise a poor diet. Eat for fat loss and don’t stress if the workout doesn’t happen on occasion.
  10. You need a great visual too. If weight loss was all that mattered, you would never see a 150-lb fit woman next to a 150-lb flabby woman, but this happens all the time. Muscle matters.
  11. Concentrating on the number on my weights and barbells and ignoring the number on the scale = freedom and peace.
  12. As soon as I wake up, I drink a full glass of water.
  13. I’ve gotten creative with protein powder and egg whites (quick, easy and cheap way to get protein). As much as I love meat, I don’t want it 5-6x/day.
  14. One meal at a time. Big rocks versus small rocks.
  15. Using the Biofeedback tool: HEC (hunger, energy, cravings). I continue to indulge in protein and healthy fats, but have added veggies now too. Even if I eat too many calories, I remind myself that my HEC is balanced so I know I can do it forever.
  16. Learning that starchy carbs are not the enemy in the correct amount for you and can actually help with HEC and better sleep.
  17. Focusing on my ME formula and not comparing myself to others.
  18. Not to be rigid about exercise. Doing 1 minute of exercise several times a day is like throwing a pebble in a pond—there’s a ripple effect. I use lots of 1-minute blitzes.
  19. When munchies hit, my first plan of attack is the ME cocoa drink! It usually does the trick!
  20. Differentiating better clean carbs and “not so clean” carbs. Also, being consciously AWAKE in making my choices about food (mindfulness).
  21. Not waiting for Monday to start over. Fat loss is as close as my next meal or snack.
  22. Leisure walks are transformative.
  23. Ditched “fat free” products.
  24. I have green tea every day.
  25. Veggies at every meal!
  26. Balance. It’s my mantra in all things.
  27. Whenever/wherever possible, add spinach, and have gratitude always!
  28. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) rock!
  29. Significantly lower carb intake, increase protein and always lift heavy.
  30. For the first time in my adult life, I believe I can.
  31. Be your own expert!
  32. Protein at every meal.
  33. This quote: “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”
  34. Practice “defense”: I never leave home without a protein bar in my purse. Also look ahead at menus whenever you can and decide what you are going to order beforehand.
  35. With weights: Go big or go home!
  36. Ordering breakfast in a restaurant is easy. Eggs, eggs, eggs and bacon. No more perusing the waffles and pancakes! I don’t even want them anymore because of the way they make me feel.
  37. My biggest change is that I no longer overeat chips.
  38. I no longer obsess about how much I weigh.
  39. Eating a ton more veggies.
  40. Make every choice a nurturing one.
  41. Using de-stressing techniques as a fat loss tool.
  42. Knowing that it’s all about me, no one else. If it takes a bit of processed mayo mixed with my tuna to stay the course, I’ll take it versus trying to be perfect, which inevitably leads to overindulging later.
  43. Getting back on track starts at your next meal!
  44. If I’m not feeling the Bs and the Hs, I push my pace to force myself to rest during workouts. It’s rest-based training.
  45. Thirty grams of protein at each meal.
  46. I do a 12-hour fast between dinner and breakfast the next morning.
  47. Getting to bed at a regular time, and reading before turning out the light … ahh, sleep!
  48. Finally recognizing eating for fat loss is every day and everywhere. It’s a lifestyle and you don’t take a break even on vacay.
  49. Always carried prepared food with me!
  50. I ditch buns on all burger and sandwiches, and also choose protein-based apps when dining out.
  51. At restaurants, I ask to switch out fries or mashed potaties and ask for extra non-starchy veggies instead.
  52. Making sleep a priority.
  53. I put up my force field whenever my well-meaning friends start to eat less and exercise more. I need to save myself from that old way of thinking.
  54. Eating veggies I’ve never tried before and loving them! And lots of protein.
  55. I’m never caught without a high protein snack in my bag. No more going hours and hours without eating only to be hit with a continuous meal crash later.
  56. Making efforts to reduce stress as if your life depends on it (oddly, it does!)
  57. Always going for the heaviest set of weights first and then working down in weight or with rest.
  58. Planning ahead and carrying protein snacks. “Indulging” usually means higher fat, not higher sugar.
  59. If I overindulge, I don’t stress so much and get back on it at the next meal or workout.
  60. Leisure walking instead of jogging.
  61. You will never catch me working out longer than an hour, and 30 minutes of that is leisure walking.
  62. I’ve shifted my mindset from MORE MORE MORE in the realm of exercise to more quality workouts and RESTORE, RESTORE, RESTORE.
  63. Get to love protein, heavy weights and just noticing when cravings start. No beating myself up and remembering that next meal can be a fat loss reset.
  64. 5-6 meals each day.


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