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Want to understand how the metabolism really works? Enroll In Metabolism School, It's Free


Metabolic Effect has certified hundreds of group exercise instructors, personal trainers and nutrition consultants. Our certified fitness and nutrition professionals learn the specialization of short-duration, high-intensity workouts called metabolic conditioning and have an in-depth understanding of the hormonal impact of exercise.

They are versed in the Metabolic Effect’s proprietary Rest-Based Training (RBT) system, and hybrid based workout schemes. In addition, the instructors are taught the latest in sport psychology, personality profiling and motivation techniques to address the varied fitness levels, physical abilities, and intrinsic motivators of their clients.

The Metabolic Effect certified trainers are a different breed of fitness professional who know delivering the best workout means making it “all about ME”, meaning you.

There are several certifications to choose from including ME Indoor Group Personal Trainer (ME-GPT), ME Outdoor Group Personal Trainer (ME-OPT), ME Certified Personal Trainer (ME-CPT), and ME Nutrition Consultant (ME-NC Levels 1, 2, 3).

ME Indoor Group Personal Trainer (ME-GPT) – This indoor group exercise class is conducted through gyms and fitness centers. The training is two days culminating in a written and practical exam where the entire 30-minute class is taught. Instructors learn the science of metabolic conditioning, the workout format and flow, the ME Rest-Based Training (RBT) method, tools, techniques, safety measures, and the psychology of individualized motivation.

ME Outdoor Group Personal Trainer (ME-OPT) – This outdoor exercise class is conducted in parks, parking lots, recreation centers, and sports complexes and is a giant leap in evolution away from outdated bootcamps. The ME-GPT certification is a prerequisite for this certification. Instructors learn new exercises, movements, circuits, and fatiguing techniques borrowed from athletic conditioning, military style training, interval exercise, metabolic conditioning and bodybuilding. The course is conducted in an online format with certification culminating in a practical examination of a 30-minute class with testing done through video submissions.

ME Certified Personal Trainer (ME-CPT) –This certification is a two day training for fitness professionals specializing in one-on-one and small group training. This is an advanced personal training certification with a prerequisite of a nationally recognized training certification required. Over the course of the training instructors will learn metabolic conditioning, high volume and density training, compact chains, compound cardio, hybrid based exercise, concurrent training techniques, and many other cutting edge training tools and modalities. In addition, the certification teaches workout management with short-duration, higher intensity sessions, as well as cutting edge motivation skills and personality profiling practices.