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Female Hormones and Fat Loss

A discussion of hormones would not be complete without examining how the female sex hormones determine fat loss or fat storage. It is easy to see how these hormones strongly impact not only how much fat the body burns, but also where on the body fat may be stored.


A Different Strategy for Eating

Ok, so let’s assume that you’ve made all the right choices when it comes to food selection at your next meal. Proportions on your plate are correct according to your metabolic profile and everything looks delicious. All the hard work of preparation is done and now you are ready to spend the next five minutes […]


Alternate Day Fasting

Most people can remember when they were in the best shape of their lives, especially if they are currently far away from that place. I can remember three times in my life when I was in what I consider the best shape of my life.


Top 5 Supplements You Can’t Do Without

By Jill Coleman In the fitness industry, hot exercise protocols, diet trends and the latest gadgets and gizmos are constantly evolving. Monthly, new research comes out advocating a certain type of exercise or diet, and as a consumer, it is difficult to discern what is really effective and what is really hype. Unfortunately, supplementation is […]


The Best Fat Burning Supplement

There is one particular compound that has peaked my interest here lately, since it seems to defy my logic above. It is one of the few supplement studies I have seen where the product actually made a significant impact without any other lifestyle changes.


What I am Eating. Jade's Diet

Metabolic Effect has recently started its 2009 fat loss challenge as well as our in-depth hormonal fat loss programs. During this time we get a lot of questions about what to eat, when to eat and how often to eat. I have also decided to tighten up on my own program this New Year season and thought I would share my current fat loss diet