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Seven Things Every Lady Needs to Know About Menopause

Menopause can be one of the most disruptive and bewildering times in a woman’s life. Although the focus of much discussion regarding menopause tends to center around the lady hormones estrogen and progesterone, it would serve us well to extend our conversation to exactly what these hormones do, and what implications changes to them have […]


10 Easy Steps to Sculpting the Perfect Male Physique

by Dr. Keoni Teta It is interesting that the perfect male physique is different based on who is judging.  There is certainly a cultural aspect to it. Different cultures have slightly different standards of what they perceive as the most attractive male body shape.  The same goes for the female body too.  After all, depending on your culture, […]


Constipation and Fat Loss Resistance

Constipation and Fat Loss Resistance By: Dr. Jillian Teta  Your digestive system is the Grand Central Station of your body. Not only is it the avenue through which you take in, break down and absorb your nutrition, it plays pivotal roles in your immune, neurological, psychological and endocrine systems. In fact, there isn’t a single […]


3 Fabulous Female Fat Loss Supplements

3 Fabulous Female Fat Loss Supplements by Dr. Keoni Teta   Of the two genders, women typically have a more difficult time losing excess fat than men.  This is in part due to men typically having more muscle mass than women. Another significant contributing factor is the hormonal differences between men and women.  The hormonal […]


Atkins & Low Fat, two sides of the same coin. 5 tips for fat loss.

Jade Teta ND, CSCS One of the Metabolic Effect blog posts was recently passed around several forums. It made its way through the Atkin’s diet discussions and also through discussion boards where people follow low fat and vegetarian programs. The consensus on these forums reflected the particular diet approach. Atkin’s dieters eat lots of fat […]


Rethinking Glycogen & Fat Loss

It is common thinking in bodybuilding and athletic training circles that glycogen (stored sugar in the liver and muscle) should be maximized at all times. The theory goes something like this: intense exercise is required to progress in performance and to stimulate muscles to grow, and glycogen is required to sustain intense exercise. Therefore, you should maximize glycogen at all times especially after exercise where there is a unique window of opportunity where most extra carbohydrates will be stored as glycogen instead of fat. I agree with this theory 100% as I have used it both in myself as an athlete and bodybuilder and in my clients. However, this theory has been over applied in my opinion.


Female Hormones and Fat Loss

A discussion of hormones would not be complete without examining how the female sex hormones determine fat loss or fat storage. It is easy to see how these hormones strongly impact not only how much fat the body burns, but also where on the body fat may be stored.