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Interview with Adam Bornstein of BornFitness: Fat Loss, Coaching & the Fitness Industry

Adam-Bornstein-1By Jill Coleman

Last night, I had the privilege of interviewing Adam Bornstein, founder and CEO of BornFitness, and former editorial director of LiveStrong.com and former fitness editor for Men’s Health magazine. Bornstein is not only a powerhouse fitness expert, but has worked with the who’s who in the industry … not to mention the man literally reads EVERYTHING in print and in cyberspace pertaining to fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

We got Adam’s take on everything from CrossFit (“It’s misunderstood”) to Intermittent Fasting (“It might not work for everyone, but I think it makes things easier for many people”) to bro-science (“I love it and I hate it”) and what really pisses him off about the industry … well ok, his laid-back persona and moderate approach doesn’t really allow him to “get pissed” but it was fun asking the question regardless 🙂

You can listen and download the interview at the bottom of this blog to listen to the many knowledge bombs that Adam dropped (he’s one smart guy), but here are a few of the gems we pulled for you:

Keep it simple stupid.

Bornstein believes that in the fitness industry we often make things harder than they need to be. He believes that when customers and clients come to us, they should leave with answers, not more questions. His approach? Get a knowledgable coach who can really tailor a program to your unique metabolism and individual sensitivities, including your schedule, personal preferences and psychology (Adam was a Psychology major before he switched to writing and editing).

We need to stop looking for the quick fix.

“We don’t gain weight, get tired and unhealthy overnight–so of course it’s going to take some time to gain all of that back.” He believes our society’s obsession with quick fixes does a disservice to fat loss seekers and sets them up for unrealistic expectations. If we can understand that sustainable fat loss takes time, then we can harness the patience and motivation to keep going for the long haul.

The Calorie Model is not all there is to fat loss. Hormones matter too.

Well, hormonal fat loss is nothing new for us, as it’s what Metabolic Effect’s fat loss methods are founded upon. But with so many people in the industry still touting the “calories in versus calories out” mantra, it can be hard for end-users to decipher what’s what and more importantly, what to do about it. Adam says fitness pros should “talk about hormones–mention them–but don’t worry clients too much about them … it only creates more stress.” Agree!

“Your ability to take criticism and not doubt yourself will determine your success.”

It can be difficult to wade through all of the fitness and nutrition info out there. But Adam believes that when you harness your self-confidence, you are able to stick with your plan longer and not give up (as many inevitably do). If you need to, use trial and error in your approach and keep the dialogue going with your coach…and ASK QUESTIONS. As an editor and writer, his ability to stay open-minded, take criticism and always search for the truth (instead of trying to simply be “right”) has served him well.

We also learned that Adam is not comfortable naming his favorite fitness pros because he doesn’t want to miss anyone (“I feel like I’m giving an awards show speech and leaving people out by accident”), he is anything but extreme in his views, and most of all, he is incredibly passionate about helping people get better.

Thank you Adam for sharing your time and expertise so generously!

Adam recently released his newest book, Men’s Health Big Book: Getting Abs. Grab it for the new year!

Also check out Adam’s site, BornFitness.com where you can contact him for coaching and read some great content. Or hit him up on Twitter, where he also holds an ongoing Q & A, use hashtag #AskBorn.

Enjoy the interview, below!

[Click to play or right-click to download]: BornFitness Interview