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Have We Been Approaching Weight Loss All Wrong?

It’s frustrating for me and I’m sure for them too really if you want to know the truth of it. I bet I get asked this question daily by either someone in person, through email or text, or on one of the many social media channels out there with regard to their diet. It just […]


What Is Sleep Inertia and How to Beat It?

Guest Author: Caitlin Evans What is sleep inertia and how do you beat it? Many of us have long accepted we’re not “morning people” – and if you feel the same, you bet you’re not alone. For at least 15 minutes after waking up, the majority of people simply don’t have it together, mentally speaking. This […]


Oral Contraceptives: Things you might want (need) to know

authored by Justin Janoska Chances are if you walk into your doctor’s office and complain about one of a multitude of symptoms like insomnia, heavy or painful periods, acne, etc. you leave with a prescription for oral contraceptives (OC) – whether that’s the estrogen and progestin combo or progestin only pill.  Birth control seems to be […]


Skulpt AIM and The Neuroticism of Fitness

  To say that I’ve been a purist when it comes to my fitness pursuits is kind of an understatement. Yes, there was a time when you would find me in the gym claiming I couldn’t train chest without my wrist wraps (when in reality they were making my wrists weaker) or my wrist straps […]