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ME Founders

Drs. Jade and Keoni Teta

Our founders and developers and the Authors of the Metabolic Effect Diet book. These two Drs. and brothers launched Metabolic Effect as a local boot camp in 2004 and have grown the company to an international presence.  They are the developers of our rest-based training method, the metabolic physique conditioning system and have certified close to a thousand Metabolic Effect professionals in the ME workouts, ME Diet and ME Lifestyle and Mindset coaching methods.

Jill Coleman

The wife of Dr. Jade Teta. Jill is a triple threat in the fitness world in that her education includes a bachelors degree in exercise science, and a masters degree in nutrition, along with advanced certifications from the ACSM. In addition, she is a professional level physique competitor and a professional fitness model. Chances are you have seen her on the cover of fitness trade magazines and seen her workout spreads and educational articles within. She is the Director of Instructor Training for Metabolic Effect and has been instrumental in developing our training curriculum. She brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and credibility to Metabolic Effect. She is the creator and founder of where she coaches aspiring women in health, fitness, mindset and business.

Dr. Jillian Sarno-Teta

The wife of Dr. Keoni Teta and a key member of the ME team.  Dr. Jillian brings expertise in mind-body medicine, the psychology of change and is one of the premiere experts in the country in integrative gastroenterology. She is also the developer and founder Fix Your Digestion, an online education to restoring optimal gut health and digestive function.  Dr. Jillian is also a professional level physique competitor and an accomplished fitness model.

Gary Leake

A past national bodybuilding champion. Gary is VP of operations for Metabolic Effect. He is also a co-developer of the ME personal training and group exercise systems. and ME training curriculum. Gary also runs the tech side of the Metabolic Effect business. Gary has lived the fat loss lifestyle for over twenty years.  He brings his vast experience in the world of fitness and physique development as well as excellent teaching and communication skills to Metabolic Effect. He has a wealth of practical experience that cannot be learned through books. He is a sought after expert of fat loss from figure athletes and bodybuilders as well as the general public.