ME Goes International! Day 1: ME at 30,000 Feet

As I write this, we are 30,000 feet above ground and 4 hours into a 7 hour flight to the UK for the first ever international Metabolic Effect Instructor Training J Of course, prepping food is essential to living the fat loss lifestyle, and a trip abroad is no different, only now our foods are a little more mobile.  Here are some staples we brought with us on the trip:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Almonds/mixed nuts
  • Tanka bars
  • Power Crunch bars
  • ME’s Ultra Low-Carb PB bars
  • Protein powder
    • A few dark chocolate squares J
    • Plenty of plain H2O

Our strategy is to eat every 3 hours during the ride to the airport, check-in, flight, etc to prevent as much jetlag as possible and keep blood sugar balanced so that we don’t end up starving and eating too many crumpets upon landing in London.

So we were admittedly a little skeptical when they started to serve “dinner” though when one of the options turned up chicken and rice, we thought we’d try it (the other option was pasta).  It came with a wheat roll, a small salad, a few bites of veggies and a dessert cake of some sort.  Poor Gary about cried upon seeing the 2 oz of chicken and immediately asked for a second dinner.  Regardless, we did our best to eat for fat loss and here are our before & after photos:

Notice we left the white rice, wheat roll and dessert square and instead each grabbed a square of our own dark chocolate for dessert.  We are attempting sleep but it may or may not happen on this overnight flight.  If we don’t sleep the plan is to continue eating a small fat-loss snack every 3 hours.  Many may think we should not eat since it is the middle of the night, and we don’t normally eat in the middle of the night (when we are sleeping, duh!).  But if we are awake, we will eat regularly to preempt and prevent what might happen later if we abstain and use will-power, e.g. a scenario where we get in at 7am London time, tired, starving and ready to eat anything in sight.  Better to eat now for fat loss than pay for it later in sugar and fat because we deprived ourselves–the bottom line is that we cannot count on will-power.  We’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow :) Jill

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