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Weight Loss Numbers: Calorie Counting Evolved

Everyone wants to know the numbers. And knowing the numbers can be helpful as long as you are aware which numbers matter most and don’t get overly attached to calorie counts. The metabolism does not work like this: lower calories → lose weight → balance metabolism The metabolism works like this: Balance metabolism → lower calories → lose weight So you need to know the numbers for all 3 parts …Read More

Weight Loss Plateau: Why it happens & What you can do

Physique & Mind-Body Coach Jill Coleman & Dr. Jade Teta: How To Fix Your Metabolism & Escape The Weight Loss Plateau   In this blog Metabolic Effect team member Jill Coleman of jillfit.com (also my wife ) and I discuss calories, dieting, fixing the metabolism and more. In this interview you will learn: The three stages of metabolic slow down How to avoid metabolic compensation Why the eat less, exercise …Read More

How To Find The Diet That Works For You

Post by Metabolic Effect.   The above post from our Facebook page illustrates what I believe to be the most important insight in the world of natural health, fitness and weight loss. There is no one way, there is simply your way.  Your job is discover what that is. There is no single right diet out there somewhere. It is not about finding a diet.  In fact, spending your time …Read More

ENHANCING THE PERFORMANCE OF THE ATHLETE PART 2 (as published in the Townsend Letter Jan 2014)

By Keoni and Jade Teta -  In Part I we discussed the foundation of enhancing athletic performance. At it’s core this foundation is essentially the same thing as the foundation for general health and well-being with special emphasis on the unique lifestyle of the athlete.  The lifestyle of the athlete needs to understood in order to find the weakness in the foundation.  If sleep, nutrition, and the training regimen are …Read More

ENHANCING THE PERFORMANCE OF THE ATHLETE PART 1 (as published in the Townsend Letter Dec 2013)

By Keoni and Jade Teta -  Introduction Becoming leaner, faster, stronger, and able to perform better for longer, all while staying healthy, is the hope of every athlete from the weekend warrior to the elite professional. The lifestyle and nutrition of the athlete, especially at the professional level, are about fueling performance, recovering from stress, building skill quickly, and maintaining optimal body composition for the sport. The ultimate goal, especially …Read More

How To Choose a probiotic

The human digestive tract contains more live bacteria than your body has cells.  These bacteria can almost be thought of as a borrowed organ given how essential they are to human health. To help the health of this “organ system” we can take what are called “probiotics”. These are bacteria we swallow in the foods we eat (fermented foods) or take as supplements.  Before the advent of refrigeration and food …Read More