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Metabolic Effect Podcast: Episode 9. How Often Should You Eat

Hey, guys. Dr. Jade Teta here. Welcome to today’s podcast. So today on the “Metabolic Effect Podcast,” we’re going to talk about something that is a bit confusing for many people. In fact, it comes straight from the Metabolic Effect Facebook page. And it is a question from somebody who has done both the “Metabolic Effect Diet,” the book that I wrote with Keoni, with my brother. And Metabolic Aftershock, …Read More

Metabolic Effect Podcast: Episode 8. The Truth About Cardio

All right, guys, welcome to today’s podcast. I’m Dr. Jade Teta. And today, we’re going to be talking about this very controversial subject in the health and fitness world, now and that is cardio. I thought it was really funny the other day, I was perusing Facebook and I saw a picture of these big, power-lifting-type dudes. I often think I have this type of body. Just big, big muscular …Read More

Metabolic Effect Podcast: Episode 7. The Most Important Metabolic Organ Is The Gut?

Dr. Jade Teta: Hey, what’s going on everybody? Dr. Jade here. Welcome to another edition of the Metabolic Effect podcast. Today I’m going to be talking about something that really has become quite a confusing topic for many people in the natural health, fitness and weight loss world. It really is one of these things that become all the rage. Isn’t it funny how every few months, years, the natural …Read More

Metabolic Effect Podcast: Episode 6. The Psychology of Change

GET JILL’S PROGRAM HERE Dr. Teta: All right, all right, welcome to today’s podcast, it’s Dr. Jade Teta and you are at the Metabolic Effect podcast, and today I have a special treat for you, really for myself. I’ve got my wife, Jill Coleman in here, say hi, Jill. Jill: Hello. Dr. Teta: So Jill is here today, Jill is with Fit Physiques, and she is an expert in the …Read More